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QIN Help

The Quality Information Network (QIN) database is the data repository for all IBM supplier audit activities. It includes technical and business system information related to qualification, risk management, and quality / performance audits. Suppliers have the capability of seeing their audit information over the web. They are able to edit their CARs (corrective action requests) including detailing their containment action, root cause analysis, and corrective actions taken to fix audit findings.

QIN Key features:
  • Eliminates redundant / unnecessary audits.
  • Reduced travel due to reduction in audits as well as increase in local auditor use.
  • Increases efficiency of audits due to availability of historical data.
  • Standardized audit formats facilitating comparative analysis.
  • Coordinates audits across divisions.
  • Used to find local certified auditors and find out when audits are scheduled.
  • Gets real-time c/a plans from suppliers.
  • Provides Lotus Notes access for IBM use