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Each day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data from a variety of sources -- from climate information, to posts on social media sites, and purchase transaction records to medical images. This data is Big Data and has become a big deal.  At IBM we believe that Big Data and analytics is a catalyst to help clients become more competitive and grow their business. IBM is helping clients harness Big Data to gather insights and act on the insights to transform their business.

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News releases
Date Title
24 Feb 2015 IBM And Juniper Networks Partner To Build Smarter Networks With Predictive Analytics
03 Feb 2015 IBM Announces Cloud-Based Enterprise-Wide Analytics for Energy Companies
27 Oct 2014 IBM Brings Broad Portfolio of Big Data and Analytics Capabilities to the IBM Cloud Marketplace
27 Oct 2014 IBM Introduces New Generation of Cloud-Based Data Services to Help Organizations Know More, Faster
22 Oct 2014 AirStrip To Provide Mobile Monitoring and Early Patient Warning Technology Using IBM’s Real-Time Analytics
16 Oct 2014 IBM and PRO BTP Use Analytics to Fight Healthcare Insurance Fraud and Abuse
16 Sep 2014 IBM Introduces Powerful Analytics for Everyone
28 May 2014 City of Minneapolis Turns Analytics into Insight with IBM
28 May 2014 IBM Unleashes New Tools To Accelerate Data-Driven Cities
11 Mar 2014 Leading German car manufacturer boosts customer satisfaction using IBM Big Data & Analytics
21 Feb 2014 Bangalore Water Taps IBM for Big Data Analytics
13 Feb 2014 Made in IBM Labs: Scientists Set New Speed Record for Big Data
12 Nov 2013 IBM Launches Talent Assessment to Help Aspiring Data Crunchers and Academia Gauge and Enhance Skills
31 Oct 2013 IBM, City of Fort Lauderdale Collaborate to Bolster Anti-Crime Resources
29 Oct 2013 IBM Analytics Study Reveals Big Data Equals Big Payoff
23 Oct 2013 UNICEF Draws on IBM Analytics to Give a Voice to Youth in Africa
11 Oct 2013 UNC Health Care Uses IBM Analytics to Manage Medical Data and Improve Patient Care
09 Oct 2013 $2 Million Awarded to Sutter Health, IBM and Geisinger Health System to Study Heart Failure Prediction
01 Oct 2013 IBM to Acquire The Now Factory
17 Sep 2013 IBM Commits $1 Billion to Fuel Linux and Open Source Innovation on Power Systems
12 Sep 2013 IBM Customer Experience Lab Unveils New Social, Mobile and Big Data Innovations to Help C-Suite Leaders
15 Aug 2013 GAME Wins Customer Loyalty Through a Cloud Based, IBM Smarter Commerce Approach
15 Aug 2013 SJ, Sweden’s Largest Rail Operator, Turns to IBM to Improve Mobile, Online Customer Experience, Increase Sales
14 Aug 2013 IBM Narrows Big Data Skills Gap By Partnering With More Than 1,000 Global Universities
30 Jul 2013 IBM Unveils New PowerLinux System for Analytics and Cloud Computing
29 Jul 2013 ESDS Selects IBM PureSystems Over HP and DELL for Cloud and Big Data Offerings
23 Jul 2013 IBM Boosts zEnterprise Mainframe Portfolio to Help Clients Build Better Customer Experiences
27 Jun 2013 IBM Announces Services Center in Germany, Creating up to 300 New Tech Roles
27 Jun 2013 New Project Aims to Make New York’s Lake George the “Smartest Lake” in the World
27 Jun 2013, Netherlands’ largest online retailer, Uses IBM Big Data Analytics Cloud Suite to Deliver Improved Marketing and Merchandising
26 Jun 2013 New IBM Big Data Technology for Dramatically Faster Data Analysis and Decision-Making Enters the Market
25 Jun 2013 IBM harnesses power of Big Data to improve Dutch flood control and water management systems
25 Jun 2013 IBM Recognized as Leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics across Asia Pacific
24 Jun 2013 Using IBM's Crowdsourced Supercomputer, Harvard Rates Solar Energy Potential of 2.3 Million New Compounds
24 Jun 2013 IBM Announces Services Center in France, Creates up to 700 New Tech Roles for Local Market
19 Jun 2013 IBM Announces IBM Services Center in the Dutch Province of Groningen, Creating up to 350 New Tech Roles for Local Market
19 Jun 2013 IBM Big Data Analytics Helps History Colorado Center Better Engage Visitors with an Enhanced Cultural Experience
19 Jun 2013 Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Uses IBM Big Data Analytics to Better Engage the Millennial Visitor
18 Jun 2013 Mobile Experience is Critical to Business Success but Most CMOs and eCommerce Executives Struggle to Understand the Omnichannel Customer, Says IBM
18 Jun 2013 IBM Unveils Industry’s First Cloud Suites for the Entire C-Suite
11 Jun 2013 IBM Expands Support for Linux on Power Systems Servers
10 Jun 2013 IBM Unveils Big Data, Cloud Enhancements Throughout Systems Portfolio
07 Jun 2013 IBM Named a Leader in IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Enterprise Mobility Consulting 2013 Vendor Analysis
06 Jun 2013 Seattle Children’s Hospital Chooses IBM Big Data Technology For Faster, More Accurate Diagnoses
06 Jun 2013 IBM and 10gen Collaborate to Bring Mobile to the Enterprise
04 Jun 2013 IBM to Acquire SoftLayer to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise
03 Jun 2013 IBM Expands DevOps Portfolio with New Cloud and Mobile Offerings
30 May 2013 Made in IBM Labs: IBM Unveils Analytics Services to Help Clients Transform Their Global Workforce
24 May 2013 IBM Helps Analyze Big Data to Grow Daily Sales 10 Times
23 May 2013 Uganda Selects IBM and Waterfund to Benchmark Water Infrastructure
22 May 2013 IBM Announces New Capabilities to Deliver Real-Time Analytics via the Cloud
22 May 2013 The Dannon Company Uses IBM Smarter Commerce to Support Yogurt Market Gains with Big Data Analytics
22 May 2013 IBM Study: Top Chief Procurement Officers Drive 22 Percent Higher Profit Margins
21 May 2013 IBM Study Points to CMO, Marketer of the Future, as Customer Experiences Remain Top Priority
21 May 2013 IBM Watson At Your Service: New Watson Breakthrough Transforms How Brands Engage Today's Connected Consumers
20 May 2013 IBM Analytics Help Arad Group Manage Big Data for Water Meter Solutions
17 May 2013 Big Data Helps City of Dublin Improve its Public Bus Transportation Network and Reduce Congestion
16 May 2013 Mother’s Day Online Shopping Up 15 Percent. Reports IBM
16 May 2013 UCB and IBM Collaborate to Personalize Care for Epilepsy Patients
16 May 2013 IBM helps transform Thames Water using Big Data Analytics in preparation for future growth
15 May 2013 Catalan Institute of Health Engages IBM for Care Coordination
15 May 2013 Southern Denmark Tackles Heart Disease with IBM Big Data Analytics Program
14 May 2013 New IBM Center in Beijing to Speed Linux Applications on Power Systems
09 May 2013 CESCE Group Partners with IBM to Bring Data Analytics to International Expansion Efforts
09 May 2013 Central Bank of India Taps IBM Analytics to Accelerate the Enterprise, Reduce Risk
07 May 2013 IBM Helps Security First Insurance Mine Big Data To Analyze, Prioritize And Route Social Media Requests After A Disaster
01 May 2013 IBM Research Makes World’s Smallest Movie Using Atoms
29 Apr 2013 IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption of Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social Business Technologies
29 Apr 2013 IBM Unveils New Technology to Connect a Smarter Planet
24 Apr 2013 Analytics Heads to Graduate School at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
22 Apr 2013 IBM Acquires UrbanCode to Help Businesses Rapidly Deliver Mobile, Cloud, Big Data and Social Software
12 Apr 2013 South Carolina Selects IBM Smarter Cities Solution to Help Modernize and Improve Delivery of Vital Social Programs to Citizens
12 Apr 2013 Arkansas Department of Human Services Taps IBM Smarter Cities Solution for IT Healthcare System Overhaul
11 Apr 2013 IBM Drives Flash Technology Deeper into the Enterprise to Speed Big Data Analytics
11 Apr 2013 IBM Report: Technology Holds the Key to Economic and Social Reform in Accra, Ghana
08 Apr 2013 Report: IBM Named Marketshare Leader in Application Infrastructure and Middleware Software for 12 Consecutive Years
04 Apr 2013 ICM's New Blue Gene Supercomputer Supports The Largest Biomedical Research Initiative In Poland
03 Apr 2013 IBM Announces New Innovations to Help Organizations Benefit from the Next Natural Resource: Big Data
03 Apr 2013 IBM Awards Highest Technical Honor to Eight New Fellows as Company Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Program
29 Mar 2013 IBM Master The Mainframe Contest Prepares Students With In Demand IT Skills For A Smarter Planet
28 Mar 2013 Sri Lankan Telco Operator Lanka Bell Transforms IT and Customer Experience with IBM
26 Mar 2013 IBM Advances the Software Defined Environment with Solution that Boosts Overall Network Performance, Scalability, and Management
26 Mar 2013 UCLA Relies on Breakthrough ‘Big Data’ Technology from IBM To Help Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries
22 Mar 2013 IBM Taps Big Data to Help Solve Water Challenges Across South Africa
21 Mar 2013 IBM Introduces Predictive Analytics Software and Services that Forecast Asset Failure
19 Mar 2013 IBM Completes Acquisition of Star Analytics, Inc.
14 Mar 2013 IBM Opens Lab to Bring R&D to the CEO
12 Mar 2013 Banorte-Ixe Partners with IBM to Establish a Unique Client-Centric Banking Model in Latin America
12 Mar 2013 IBM Software Helps Illinois Department of Human Services Manage Big Data and Transform Operations
11 Mar 2013 Big Bang Meets Big Data: South Africa Joins ASTRON and IBM to Build the Foundation for a New Era of Computing
04 Mar 2013 Miami-Dade County and IBM Establish Public-Private Partnership on Smarter Cities Initiative
28 Feb 2013 Leading Businesses in Azerbaijan Turn to IBM to Rein in Big Data
27 Feb 2013 Online Retailer LabelSneak Captures Consumer Attention with Unique Shopping Experience
27 Feb 2013 IBM Big Data Technology Helps South Korea's Meteorological Administration Increase Accuracy of Weather Forecasting
26 Feb 2013 The Cheesecake Factory® Tackles Big Data with IBM Analytics for an Exceptional Brand Experience
26 Feb 2013 IBM Launches Cloud-Based Analytics and Mobile Initiatives for Global Ecosystem to Capture New Markets
25 Feb 2013 IBM and Nokia Siemens Networks Announce World’s First Mobile Edge Computing Platform
22 Feb 2013 Deutsche Telekom and IBM Collaborate to Help Build Smarter Cities
21 Feb 2013 IBM Unveils the Most Comprehensive Mobile Portfolio for Global Businesses: IBM MobileFirst
15 Feb 2013 IBM Cited as a Leader in Enterprise Mobility Services by Leading Independent Research Firm
07 Feb 2013 IBM to Operate Ontario’s Smart Meter Data Management System
07 Feb 2013 IBM Completes Acquisition Of StoredIQ
05 Feb 2013 IBM Simplifies Big Data and Cloud Computing Adoption with New PureSystems Offerings
05 Feb 2013 IBM Forges New Routes to Market with Power and Storage Systems Tuned for Big Data and Cloud Computing
01 Feb 2013 IBM to Acquire Star Analytics, Inc
31 Jan 2013 IBM Announces Breakthrough with Combination of Security Intelligence and Big Data
31 Jan 2013 Kenyan Universities Work with IBM to Develop IT Leaders of the Future
31 Jan 2013 The Rugby Football Union Boosts the Fan Experience with IBM Analytics and Big Data
29 Jan 2013 IBM Flex Systems Help Proginov Promote Innovative Use of Cloud Services Within Mid Market Businesses
29 Jan 2013 IBM Delivers New Services to Help Clients Move Enterprise Applications to the Cloud
28 Jan 2013 IBM Delivers New Software and Cloud Services to Accelerate Social Business
28 Jan 2013 IBM Empowers SLIB to Manage Millions of European Stock Market Transactions
23 Jan 2013 IBM and Waterfund To Develop a Water Cost Index
17 Jan 2013 Ho Chi Minh City University of Information Technology Selects IBM PureSystems
15 Jan 2013 IBM and the Australian Open Mark 20 Years of Serving a Winning Advantage to Tennis Fans
14 Jan 2013 IBM Social Sentiment Index Predicts New Retail Trend in the Making
10 Jan 2013 IBM Tops U.S. Patent List for 20th Consecutive Year


  • IBM Debuts Analytics for Everyone

    IBM Debuts Analytics for Everyone

    Date added: 16 Sep 2014

    At an event at the Westin Hotel in New York City, IBM Big Data and Analytics Vice president Inhi Cho Suh demonstrates Watson Analytics, a new cloud service the company launched today that is powered by IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology. Watson Analytics allows non-technical professionals in marketing, sales, finance and human resources roles to make more informed business decisions by analyzing huge volumes of data using familiar business terms instead of technical jargon. (Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM).

  • IBM Debuts Analytics for Everyone

    IBM Debuts Analytics for Everyone

    Date added: 16 Sep 2014

    At an event at the Westin Hotel in New York City, IBM Big Data and Analytics Vice president Inhi Cho Suh demonstrates Watson Analytics, a new cloud service the company launched today that is powered by IBM's Watson cognitive computing technology. Watson Analytics allows non-technical professionals in marketing, sales, finance and human resources roles to make more informed business decisions by analyzing huge volumes of data using familiar business terms instead of technical jargon. (Jon Simon/Feature Photo Service for IBM).

  • Which DEALS are likely to close?

    Easy, Instant Access to Your Data

    Date added: 16 Sep 2014

    Business professionals can quickly understand and make decisions based on Watson Analytics’ data-driven visualizations. For example, a marketing executive can ask a question, and immediately discover through cloud-delivered data visualizations what sales are most likely to close by region. (Credit: IBM)

  • What Predicts Purchase Made?

    Hit the Bullseye with Watson Analytics

    Date added: 16 Sep 2014

    By automating data preparation, predictive analysis, and visual storytelling, business professionals across data intensive disciplines like sales and marketing can ask the right questions and get results in terms familiar to their business with Watson Analytics. (Credit: IBM)

  • What is the Breakdown of Sales by Region and Brand?

    Powerful Predictive Analytics for Everyone

    Date added: 16 Sep 2014

    Watson Analytics uses predictive analytics to automatically surface the most relevant facts and uncover unforeseen patterns and relationships. This process can spark new questions and better insight, directing users to variables or parts of their business that matter most. (Credit: IBM)

  • What Do You Want To Know?

    What do you want to know? Ask and You'll get the Answer.

    Date added: 16 Sep 2014

    Watson Analytic uses natural language, which means business professionals across data intensive disciplines such as marketing, sales, finance, operations and human resources can ask the right questions and get results in terms familiar to their business. (Credit: IBM)

  • Customer Experience Lab

    IBM Customer Experience Lab Unveils New Innovations for CMOs

    Date added: 12 Sep 2013

    In Bangalore, India, IBM unveiled a set of new innovations from its Customer Experience Lab, dedicated to helping business leaders transform the way customers experience their products, services and brands through the use of mobile, social, cloud and advanced analytics technologies. Mahmoud Naghshineh (left), vice president, Services Research at IBM, and Dr. Rohini Srivathsa, executive director, IBM Global Business Services, India/South Asia, demo IBM’s new Edge Analytics technology, which connects people with contextual information, enabling a company, such as a bank, to deliver real-time, location-based offers to its customers. (Jagadeesh NV/Feature Photo Service for IBM)

  • Infographic: 6 Ways to Love Big Data

    Infographic: 6 Ways to Love Big Data

    Date added: 06 Aug 2013

    Our love affair with big data is going strong. This infographic depicts 6 things to focus on to keep your relationship with big data happy—critical tools and practices that will reward you in improved reliability, stability and performance.

  • Infographic: Taming Big Data: Small Data vs. Big Data

    Infographic: Taming Big Data: Small Data vs. Big Data

    Date added: 06 Aug 2013

    Certain things cannot be overlooked when dealing with data. Best practices must be instituted for the care of big data just as they have long been in small data. Before enjoying big data's amazing analytical feats, you must first get it under control - with tools that are up to the challenge of implementing best practices in a big data world.

  • Tuning Into Big Data as the Buzz Gets Louder

    Infographic: Tuning Into Big Data as the Buzz Gets Louder

    Date added: 06 Aug 2013

    The data on big data is... well.. big. Here are some examples of the kind of noise you'd encounter while gathering data about big data.

  • Detecting Insurance Fraud Using IBM Predictive Analytics

    Detecting Insurance Fraud Using IBM Predictive Analytics

    Date added: 09 May 2012

    Insurance organizations are using predictive analytics to detect fraud. For example, Santam, South Africa's leading short term insurance company, has saved $2.4 million on fraudulent claims in the first four months of using IBM business analytics software. The technology is enabling faster payouts for legitimate claims.

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