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Security and information assurance

Security has grown in importance, from the CMO evaluating the potential risk to the brand, to the CFO understanding the financial implications of adverse events, to the COO assessing the impact of system disruptions on ongoing operations. Teach students skills to proactively predict, identify, and react to potential threats.

Security and information assurance focus areas

  • Data protection and access management
    Learn how to protect information from unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, or destruction and eliminate risks from insecure database configurations.
    Recommended products: InfoSphere Guardium, IBM Security Identity and Access Manager
  • Infrastructure security
    Teach students how to address security issues across an IT environment to ensure each device is protected from malicious activity.
    Recommended products: IBM Security Server Protection and Virtual Server Protection, IBM Security SiteProtector System
  • Intelligence, analytics, and compliance
    Show your classes how to gather, analyze, measure, and interpret event data from an IT environment to detect malicious activity and demonstrate compliance.
    Recommended product: IBM Security QRadar SIEM
  • Secure software engineering
    Ensure your students understand the best practices to use throughout the software development lifecycle to prevent, detect, and eliminate vulnerabilities.
    Recommend product: IBM Security AppScan

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