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This table provides helpful information and facts about each IBM certification test. You can link directly to test information page or to the associated certifications page(s). Planning your goals can be simple and easy.

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DM - Test duration (min)
NQ - Approx. number of questions
PS - Passing score

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Test # Test title DM NQ PS Certification title
IBM Big Data & Analytics
IBM Big Data & Analytics
C2030-136Foundations of IBM Big Data & Analytics Architecture V1 905870
IBM Cloud Computing
C2030-280IBM Cloud Computing Infrastructure Architect V1754965
C2030-284Foundations of IBM Cloud Computing Architecture V4905770
IBM Global Technology Services
C6010-146IBM Technical Support Services V2 Certification755074
IBM Retail Store Solutions
C6040-752IBM Certified Specialist - Retail Store Solution Sales V41006572
C6040-753Retail Store Solutions - 4690 Technical Solutions1207569
C6040-754Retail Store Solutions - Windows Technical Solutions1207565
IBM Social Business
IBM Social Business
C2030-400Foundations of IBM Social Business Architecture V1905564
IBM Collaboration Solutions
IBM SmartCloud
C2040-430IBM SmartCloud Notes Hybrid Config & Onboard Data Transfer V2905564
C2040-431IBM SmartCloud Notes Administration V1905762