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Skills are Valuable... Having the right skills for the job is critical!

Continued skill development is needed to keep up with current technology. The development of skill is a continuous journey, including: training / education, experience, and validation. You have charted your course on the journey of skill development.

You're ready for lift off!

To help you learn more about IBM Professional Certification and how it will benefit you, we've developed an electronic certification kit as a part of our new value campaign.

Throughout this kit, you can explore:

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IBM Professional Certification provides validation of skill development, by confirming an individual can perform a job, duty or task, as well as promotes advancement in IBM products & solutions.

Individual Certificant Benefits

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Customer Benefits

Success Stories

Okay, so you're demonstrating your expertise to the world. Does the world really care? You bet they do! And don't just take our word for it. Here's what some IBM certified professionals say:

Value Sheets

Learn how becoming IBM Certified can help you, your company, and your future.


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