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Preparing for an IBM Collaboration Solutions Certification Exam

Though the courses, resources and articles listed on each preparation page are helpful, they represent a beginning in terms of getting to know a given product. Certification, however, is the end. The finish line where skills are proven and credentials solidified. In the middle is hands-on experience. This is the best way to prepare for any certification exam. Direct application of the skills learned cannot be substituted by any other resource. Professionals must spend time using the product and applying their skills. Tests measure how well an individual knows how to perform tasks associated with specific job roles, not how well someone memorizes features and functions.

Once hands-on experience has been obtained, leverage the exam objectives to determine where more study is needed. Look at the available preparation resources and search on the exam objectives in each relevant resource to find the information required.

IBM Collaboration Solutions Certification Program provides assessment tests for most exams. A complete list can be found on the IBM Collaboration Solutions Assessment Tests page. These assessment tests are also accessible via the Sample / Assessment Test tab on the individual test preparation pages. Individuals can take these tests online via Prime at their convenience and get an accurate guide as to how well they know the objectives tested on the actual exam.

All assessment tests are written by the same experts who write the certification exam, ensuring high quality questions on relevant topics and maximum coverage of all competencies featured on the certification test itself. These assessments are available to all professionals for the low price of $30 USD (or equivalent) each. A bargain for such an accurate diagnostic feedback tool.

IBM Collaboration Solutions Software has not and will not make actual test questions available for any form of study preparation. These are the copyrighted property of IBM. Be wary of external internet sites selling practice tests that are not mentioned on internal IBM sites or listed on the Collaboration Solutions exam preparation pages. Many third parties have unauthorized IBM Collaboration Solutions study materials posted for sale. The IBM Certification Program strongly warns against utilizing these sites. Candidates who are found to have accessed unauthorized practice tests in preparation for their exam may have their certification test score invalidated and could be prohibited from further IBM certification testing.

For more information on IBM Certification's testing policy, please refer to the article on the Professional Certification site.


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