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Mastery tests are used to verify the mastery of knowledge covered in a course or a defined set of learning materials. They are not certification tests, which are designed to validate skills needed in a specific job-role. Rather, mastery tests help to assure an individual has achieved a foundation of knowledge and understanding of a subject matter.

Mastery tests supplement certifications as a method used by IBM to evaluate knowledge of IBM Sales and Technical Professionals. As with certifications, the successful completion of a mastery test may be required for participation in some IBM Business Partner activities.

DM = Test duration in minutes
NQ = Approximate number of questions
PS = Passing score

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Mastery test information by product
Test # Mastery title DM NQ PS Proctored
Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure
Software Sales Mastery
M2010-727Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Cloud & Service Management Sales Mastery v1605366No
M2010-760IBM Hosted SaaS - Entry Sales Mastery v1301575No
M2020-720TRIRIGA Real Estate and Facility Management Sales Mastery Test v1755070No
M2020-775IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Sales Mastery Test v5804774No
M9060-616TSM Butterfly Analysis Engine Report Sales Mastery V1602875No
M9060-719Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Storage Sales Mastery Test v5 603070No
Software Support Mastery
P2010-718Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure IBM Business Partner SaaS Support Mastery v1603271Yes
IBM Business Analytics
Software Sales Mastery
M2020-610IBM SPSS Predictive Maintenance and Quality Sales Mastery v1603974No
M2020-620IBM Risk Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1452470No
M2020-621IBM Risk Analytics for Banking Sales Mastery Test v1602466No
M2020-622IBM Risk Analytics for Insurance and Pensions Sales Mastery Test v1452466No
M2020-623IBM Risk Analytics for Asset Management Sales Mastery Test v1452470No
M2020-624IBM Risk Analytics for Governance Risk and Compliance Sales Mastery Test v1452475No
M2020-786IBM Now Factory Sales Mastery Test v1704063No
M2020-796IBM Sales Performance Management Sales Mastery Test v1604089No
M2090-611IBM Decision Optimization Sales Mastery Test v2754171No
M2090-615IBM Business Analytics Performance Management Sales Mastery Test v2904774No
M2090-618IBM Business Analytics Midmarket Foundational Sales Mastery Test v2604165No
M2090-626IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Sales Mastery Test v3754575No
M2090-732IBM SPSS Modeler Sales Mastery Test v1754475No
M2090-733IBM SPSS Statistics Sales Mastery Test v1754168No
Software Support Mastery
P2090-014IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Technical Support Mastery Test v1906075Yes
P2090-702IBM Decision Optimization Center Technical Support Mastery Test v1 603368Yes
Software Technical Mastery
P2020-007IBM Optimization Technical Mastery Test v1753066Yes
P2020-300IBM Cognos ICM Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 603773Yes
P2020-792IBM Now Factory Technical Mastery Test v1604066Yes
P2020-795IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2704476Yes
IBM Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social
Software Sales Mastery
M5050-769IBM Aspera Sales Mastery v1603875No
IBM Collaboration Solutions
Software Sales Mastery
M2035-723IBM Kenexa Talent Optimization Sales Mastery Test v1 603275No
M2035-724IBM Kenexa Talent Engagement and Rewards Sales Mastery Test v1 905475No
M2035-725IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Sales Mastery Test v1 603073No
M2035-800IBM Kenexa Talent Insights Sales Mastery Test v1452575No
M2040-232IBM Solutions for Smart Business Sales Mastery Test v1602580No
M2040-641IBM Exceptional Web Experience Sales Mastery Test v1755078No
M2040-642ICS Social Software Sales Mastery Test v2754778No
M2040-669IBM SmartCloud for Social Business for SaaS Solution Provider Sales Mastery v1603073No
M2040-671IBM Notes and Domino Sales Mastery Test v3 455086No
M2040-788IBM Connections Cloud Sales Mastery Test v1332277No
Software Technical Mastery
P2035-791IBM Talent Acquisition Suite Technical Mastery Test v1505170Yes
Software Technical Sales Mastery
P2035-761IBM Kenexa BrassRing on Cloud Technical Sales Mastery Test v1603275Yes
P2035-763IBM Kenexa Survey Advantage on Cloud Technical Sales Mastery Test v1604168Yes
P2035-764IBM Kenexa CompAnalyst Technical Sales Mastery Test v1905872Yes
P2035-765IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud Technical Sales Mastery Test v1453066Yes
P2035-766IBM Kenexa LCMS LMS ISL Technical Sales Mastery Test v1453174Yes
P2035-767IBM Kenexa Talent Frameworks Technical Sales Mastery Test v1453167Yes
IBM Commerce
Software Sales Mastery
M8010-238IBM Commerce Solutions Selling/Order Mgmt Sales Mastery Test v1603772No
M8010-242IBM Commerce Solutions Supply Chain Mgmt Sales Mastery Test v1603568No
M8010-246IBM Smarter Commerce Sales Mastery Test v1905076No
M8060-653IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management Sales Mastery Test v1754270No
M8060-655IBM Emptoris Services Procurement Sales Mastery Test v1754573No
M8060-797IBM CBoD Sales Mastery Test v1604075No
Software Support Mastery
P8010-705IBM Sterling Warehouse Management Systems Technical Support Mastery Test v1753562Yes
Software Technical Mastery
P8010-003IBM Commerce Solutions Selling Technical Mastery Test v1602572Yes
P8010-004IBM Commerce Solutions Order Mgmt Technical Mastery Test v1753070Yes
P8010-005IBM Commerce Solutions Supply Chain Mgmt Technical Mastery Test v1753073Yes
P8060-028IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management Technical Mastery Test v1754372Yes
P8060-030IBM Emptoris Services Procurement Technical Mastery Test v1754070Yes
P8060-798IBM CBoD Technical Mastery Test v1604075Yes
IBM Connectivity and Integration
Software Sales Mastery
M8060-729IBM Managed File Transfer Sales Mastery Test v2904575No
M8060-730IBM B2B Integration-Network Sales Mastery Test v2904273No
M8060-782IBM Commerce Payments Solutions Sales Mastery Test v1553290No
Software Support Mastery
P8060-706IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender Technical Support Mastery Test v1604170Yes
Software Technical Mastery
P5050-731IBM Aspera Technical Mastery Test v1753571Yes
P8060-001IBM B2B Integration Technical Mastery Test v1753278Yes
P8060-002IBM Managed File Transfer Technical Mastery Test v1753375Yes
P8060-017IBM B2B Integration SaaS Technical Mastery Test v1754070Yes
IBM Enterprise Content Management
Software Sales Mastery
M2090-740IBM Enterprise Content Management Sales Mastery Test v3603770No
M7010-778IBM Selling Watson Explorer Sales Mastery v1452870No
Software Support Mastery
P2020-708IBM eDiscovery Manager/Analyzer Technical Support Mastery Test v1604667Yes
P2070-048IBM FileNet Image Services Administration and Support Mastery Test v1905865Yes
Software Technical Mastery
P2020-072IBM Content Collector Technical Mastery Test v1754278Yes
P2090-055IBM FileNet P8 System Implementation Technical Mastery Test v1904870Yes
P2090-071IBM Information Management Content Management OnDemand Technical Mastery Test v1754062Yes
P2090-711IBM StoredIQ Technical Mastery Test v1905669Yes
P2090-721IBM Case Manager Solution Design Technical Mastery Test v2904367Yes
P2090-722IBM Case Manager Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v2904868Yes
P2090-742IBM FileNet P8 Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v2904870Yes
P2090-770IBM Datacap Capture Practical Applications Technical Mastery v2603078Yes
P2090-771IBM Datacap Capture Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery v2603678Yes
P7010-750IBM Watson Explorer Advanced Edition (Analytical Components) Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test V2905070Yes
IBM Enterprise Marketing Management
Software Sales Mastery
M8010-241IBM Enterprise Marketing Management Sales Mastery Test v1603076No
M8010-663IBM Digital Marketing Optimization Sales Mastery v1904070No
M8010-713IBM Mobile Customer Engagement Sales Mastery Test v1453083No
M8010-746IBM DemandTec Sales Mastery Test v2603380No
Software Technical Mastery
P8010-034IBM Tealeaf Technical Mastery Test v1903871Yes
P8010-051IBM DemandTec Technical Mastery Test v1904070Yes
P8010-088IBM Un ica Enterprise Marketing Operations Technical Mastery Test v1905578Yes
P8010-096IBM Unica Enterprise Campaign Technical Mastery Test v1905078Yes
P8010-099IBM Coremetrics Technical Mastery Test v1905770Yes
P8010-715IBM Mobile Customer Engagement Technical Mastery Test v1754255Yes
IBM Information Management
Software Sales Mastery
M2020-745IBM Cloudant Sales Mastery Test v1603177No
M2020-758IBM dashDB Sales Mastery Test v1752980No
M2090-743IBM Big Data and Analytics Sales Mastery v2452172No
M2090-744IBM DB2 BLU/Cloud Sales Mastery v1301580No
M2090-748IBM MDM and IIS Sales Mastery Test v1451877No
M2090-774IBM BigInsights Sales Mastery Test v1754967No
M2150-728IBM Information Management Data Security & Privacy Sales Mastery v1301566No
Software Technical Mastery
P2020-079IBM Initiate Master Data Service Support Mastery v1753066Yes
P2090-011IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture Technical Mastery Test v2905166Yes
P2090-018IBM Information Management DB2 10 Technical Mastery Test v3753562Yes
P2090-027IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Technical Mastery Test v1904573Yes
P2090-032IBM Big Data Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1753467Yes
P2090-044IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Quality Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1906666Yes
P2090-045IBM InfoSphere Information Server for Data Integration Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1905556Yes
P2090-046IBM InfoSphere Business Information Exchange Technical Mastery Test v1905964Yes
P2090-047IBM PureData System for Transactions Technical Mastery Test v1754173Yes
P2090-050IBM PureData System for Analytics Technical Mastery Test v1754070Yes
P2090-054IBM Information Management DB2 10.5 pureScale Technical Mastery Test v3754967Yes
P2090-068IBM Information Management Informix Technical Mastery Test v3754266Yes
P2090-070IBM Information Management Optim z/OS Technical Mastery Test v1754070Yes
P2090-086IBM InfoSphere Master Data Mgmt-PIM Technical Mastery v1905572Yes
P2090-095IBM InfoSphere QualityStage Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1904156Yes
P2090-710IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1 755070Yes
P2090-712IBM Information Management Optim Technical Mastery Test v4754070Yes
P2090-714IBM Information Management DB2 z/OS Performance Technical Mastery Test v1904265Yes
P2090-776IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop v4 Technical Mastery Test v1754574Yes
P2150-739IBM InfoSphere Guardium Technical Mastery Test v2754365Yes
P5050-751IBM Cloudant Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1754860Yes
IBM Rational
Software Sales Mastery
M2010-649IBM Rational Systems & Software Engineering Sales Mastery Test v2603675No
M2020-794IBM Continuous Engineering Sales Mastery Test v1704064No
M2140-648IBM Rational IT Sales Mastery Test v2753871No
M2140-664IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization Sales Mastery Test v2753675No
M2140-726IBM Rational DevOps Sales Mastery Test v1604067No
Software Technical Sales Mastery
P2010-022IBM Rational Systems and Software Engineering Technical Sales Mastery Test v1 754065Yes
P2140-020IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization Technical Sales Mastery Test v1754065Yes
P2140-021IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management for IT Technical Sales Mastery Test v1754065Yes
P5050-717IBM Rational Release and Deploy Technical Sales Mastery Test v1604066Yes
IBM Security Systems
Software Sales Mastery
M2150-753IBM Security Trusteer Web Fraud Partner Sales Mastery Test v1302075No
M2150-756IBM Security Trusteer Apex Advance Malware Protection Partner Sales Mastery v1302075No
M2150-768IBM Security Sales Mastery Test v4905080No
IBM Smarter Cities
Software Sales Mastery
M2065-647IBM Intelligent Operations Center-Water & Transportation Sales Mastery Test v1754475No
M2065-659IBM Smarter Cities Sales Mastery Test v1754273No
M2065-741IBM i2 Intelligence Sales Mastery Test v2604070No
M2065-780IBM Intelligent Video Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1 604064No
M7010-773IBM Care Management Sales Mastery Test v1603070No
M7010-777IBM Cúram Social Program Management Sales Mastery v2903870No
Software Support Mastery
P2065-035IBM i2 Analyst Notebook Support Mastery Test v1903070Yes
P2065-036IBM i2 iBase Support Mastery Test v1903369Yes
P2065-037IBM i2 Text Chart Support Mastery Test v1903066Yes
Software Technical Mastery
P2065-013IBM Intelligent Operations Center Technical Mastery Test v1753170Yes
P2065-016IBM IOC Intelligent Transportation Technical Mastery Test v1753066Yes
P2065-749IBM i2 Intelligence Technical Mastery Test v2603070Yes
P2065-783IBM Intelligent Video Analytics Technical Mastery Test v1805064Yes
Software Technical Sales Mastery
P7010-772 IBM Cúram Social Program Management 6.0.5 Technical Sales Professional v1905070Yes
P7010-781IBM Care Management Technical Sales Mastery v1603970Yes
IBM WebSphere
Software Sales Mastery
M2020-787IBM MessageSight Sales Mastery Test v1754165No
M2180-747IBM Application Infrastructure Sales Mastery Test v1603778No
M2180-752IBM Smarter Process Sales Mastery v1603675No
M5050-716IBM MobileFirst Sales Mastery Test v1603770No
M8010-759IBM Connectivity and Integration Sales Mastery v1603677No
M9510-789IBM PureApplication Sales Mastery v2503075No
Software Technical Mastery
P2020-785IBM MessageSight Technical Mastery Test v1904968Yes
Software Technical Sales Mastery
P2180-039IBM WebSphere MQ Technical Sales Mastery Test v2753164Yes
P2180-089IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Technical Sales Mastery Test v1905068Yes
P2180-779IBM PureApplication Technical Sales Mastery Test V2603075Yes
P5050-031IBM Worklight Mobile Foundation Technical Sales Mastery v1907270Yes