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IBM Instructor Authorization Program

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About the program

The purpose of this document is to outline the steps required for an instructor applicant to become authorized to teach IBM Education courses.

For each course there are requirements that follow a general pattern and consist of the following steps:

  1. Apply to become authorized to teach a course
  2. After being accepted, enable on the course, such as:
  3. Participation in an optional mentoring session for the course (as applicable)
  4. Co-teach the course (if required)

Once those requirements have been met, the instructor applicant becomes authorized to teach the course.

The following is an outline of the requirements to become authorized to teach an IBM Education course.

1. Apply to Become Authorized to Teach a Course

Instructor applicants must first apply to teach for IBM Education. Contact information (name, company, email address, phone number, location - City, State, Country) needs to be provided.

Assessment of the prerequisite technical skills and prerequisite instructional background can be gathered by face-to-face interview, phone interview or other electronic media (video recordings, etc.). The purpose of the interview is to validate and demonstrate the credentials of the instructor applicant. If an instructor applicant has a delivery history with IBM, previous course evaluations can be used to fulfill this requirement.

Prerequisite Technical Skills

In order to be accepted to go through the program to become authorized to teach a course for IBM, the instructor applicant must have the necessary technical background. This specific requirement varies from course to course (for example, some IBM brands require product certification in order to teach certain courses).

Prerequisite Instructional Background

To begin the process to become authorized to teach IBM courses, there must be documented demonstration of instructional skills. This requirement can be satisfied in various ways:

Present an industry instructor certification, such as (but not limited to):

If the instructor has not previously obtained an industry instructor certification, then a CTT+ certification can be earned from CompTIA (www.comptia.org).

Required Documentation of previous technical training experience

An instructor applicant must provide documentation of technical training courses conducted during the past 12 months, including the vendor name, class dates and number of students per class and a copy of the student evaluation forms from the three (3) most recent classes.

IBM Education management may allow the assessment of the technical training skills by an authorized IBM Education instructor.

The IBM Education team will review the information and determine if there is a business need for authorizing additional instructors for the course. Once accepted by IBM Education management, the instructor applicant will be allowed to proceed through the instructor authorization program.

2. Enable on the Course

The instructor applicant can enable their technical skills by various methods.

One option is to attend the course as a student, participating in the lecture and completing the labs.

Following the attendance at a course, it is expected that the instructor applicant studies the course materials in-depth, completing ALL student exercises and labs in order to be allowed to proceed in the authorization program.

An additional option for enablement is to complete on-line training available to acquire the technical skills necessary to deliver the course.

Other common activities to build the necessary technical skills are to participate in Train-the-Trainer (T3) sessions, deployment engagements and consultancy roles.

3. Mentoring Session (as applicable)

After attending the course, if requested (by either the instructor applicant or by IBM Education management) the instructor applicant will be scheduled to participate in an instructor mentoring session with an authorized instructor from our IBM Education team. During this 1-2 hour remote session, the IBM Education instructor will have an opportunity to ask questions about the courseware to the instructor applicant. The IBM Education instructor will also share key insights about the course and verify the instructor applicant is prepared to proceed to deliver a co-teach assignment

4. Co-Teach (if required)

Following the mentoring session, the instructor will co-teach the course with another authorized instructor, who will be there to assist and observe.

While it is the intent that the instructor applicant doing the co-teach will take full responsibility to teach all of the course material and support students in labs, it will be left to the co-teach team to decide who will teach which parts of the class. The authorized instructor will be there to assist with units and labs where the instructor applicant requires assistance.

Following the conclusion of the course, IBM Education management will review the course feedback and discuss the instructor applicants performance with the authorized instructor.

Successful completion of the co-teach results in the instructor applicant becoming authorized to teach the course.

The following section describes additional requirements in order to maintain and re-certify as an IBM authorized instructor to teach an IBM Education course.

Performance Standards and Compliance Guidelines

An IBM Instructor is required to maintain satisfactory scores as determined by the student evaluation feedback survey (the survey given to the students at the conclusion of a class delivery). If an IBM Instructor is not complying with the minimum set scores (as determined by the IBM Education group administering the program) disciplinary action may be taken and recommendations will be communicated to the IBM Instructor to improve the situation and IBM reserves the right to revoke an Instructors teaching priviledges.

Re-certification for maintaining authorization to teach IBM Education courses

Instructor performance will be monitored regularly and satisfactory performance is required to maintain authorization to teach an IBM Education course. IBM Education management reserves the right to periodically review and revoke teaching privileges based upon business feedback.

Upgrading to a new version of a course

When course materials are updated, instructors who are authorized to teach the previous version of the course, and who have successfully taught the course, are given an "upgrade" path to become authorized to teach the new version of the course. The specific upgrade process varies based upon the degree of change in the technology and courseware from one version to the next.

To Apply to IBM Education

For an application to enroll in the IBM Instructor Authorization Program, send an e-mail to certify@us.ibm.com.

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