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IBM Certified Solution Developer - Web Experience Factory 8.0

Job Role Description / Target Audience

Note: This certification will be withdrawn on 03/31/2017.   The most current certification is: IBM Certified Solution Developer - Web Experience Factory 8.5

This intermediate level certification is intended for solution developers who design, build, test, and deploy portlets and Web applications with IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0. This solution developer is generally self-sufficient and able to perform most of the tasks involved in the role with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and support services. 

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Individuals seeking this certification should expect to demonstrate IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0 skills as they relate to these competency areas:

  •    Debugging Web Applications
  •    Deploying Applications
  •    Installation, Configuration and the Development Environment  
  •    Logging Application Behavior 
  •    Building User Interfaces 
  •    Building Scalable Applications
  •    Creating Secure Web Applications
  •    Making Models  
  •    Making Projects  
  •    Profiling Web Applications and Portlets  
  •    Working with Java


This certification requires 1 test(s).

Test(s) required:

Click on the link(s) below to see test details, test objectives, suggested training and sample tests.

  1. Test C9520-927 - Developing Portlets and Web Applications with IBM Web Experience Factory 8.0


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