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Changes in IBM Certification Test Delivery for 2014

Effective January 2, 2014, the IBM Professional Certification Program will transition certification exam delivery to Pearson VUE (PVUE). All IBM mastery and certification exams will be delivered, worldwide, in Pearson VUE Test Centers (PVTC).

Testing candidates can register to take IBM exams at Pearson VUE starting December 18th with test delivery commencing January 2nd. IBM exams will not be available at Prometric Testing Centers after December 31, 2013.

IBM is working with Pearson VUE to ensure the transition is as easy as possible for IBM testing candidates. Testing candidates, who have taken an IBM exam, in the past, will be able to continue using their current Candidate Testing ID. Pearson VUE will also honor valid IBM promotion codes and IBM vouchers that IBM candidates have received prior to the transition

For 2014, IBM will be implementing a new security process during check-in at the Pearson VUE test center. After arriving at the PVTC, prior to taking the scheduled exam, the check-in process will require a digital signature and photo as part of the test takers records. This additional security step is designed to prevent testing fraud.

Pearson VUE has test centers worldwide in over 165 countries. You can find a PVTC near you, and register to take a test, by visiting the Pearson VUE website at (Note: The website will be active when registration begins on December 18th.) The certification requirements and testing prices, set by IBM, will not change

Below you will find a FAQ to answer many of your questions. After reviewing this document, if you have additional questions, please contact us at . As always, thank you for choosing IBM.

Important Note:

With the transition to Pearson VUE the test numbers are changing. Correlation Tables have been created that map the current test numbers to the new test numbers. There is one table for Tests and a separate table for Mastery Tests.

Frequently Asked Questions


About the Transition to Pearson VUE

  • - 1. What exactly is the change that IBM is making?

    Effective January 2, 2014, IBM certification, mastery and assessment exams will be delivered exclusively with Pearson VUE via test centers worldwide. IBM certification exams will no longer be available at Prometric testing centers at that time.

  • - 2. When exactly will this change happen?

    Here is a list of important dates that you need to be aware of as it relates to this transition.

    Key Dates Actions
    December 22, 2013 Last day to buy a voucher from Prometric
    December 31, 2013 Last day for IBM exam delivery at a Prometric Test Center
    December 18, 2013 First day to register and schedule an exam with Pearson VUE
    January 2, 2014 First day for IBM exam delivery at a Pearson VUE test center
  • - 3. Who is Pearson VUE?

    Pearson VUE provides computer-based testing for information technology, academic, government and professional testing programs around the world. They deliver exams through a comprehensive and secure network of test centers in 165 countries.

  • - 4. What are the changes to the admission process for IBM candidates at the Pearson VUE testing center?

    Effective January 2, 2014, IBM will also implement an enhanced security requirement for those wishing to take IBM exams at a test center. In addition to the current identification and admission requirements, candidates who are taking a proctored exam will now be photographed and asked to provide a digital signature. The photograph and signature will become a permanent part of each candidate’s IBM certification record. Photos taken during the admission process will be printed on score reports and all candidate data will be securely stored and protected by Pearson VUE. These requirements may be modified according to local laws.

  • - 5. What are the benefits of capturing digital photos and signatures?

    Digital photos may be used to assure employers that the person presenting the certification credential is the same individual who took the exam. Likewise, candidates are given peace of mind knowing that their credentials are protected. Further, this initiative will help to ensure that IBM IT certifications maintain their integrity and value within the marketplace.

  • - 6. What forms of ID are acceptable for candidates to provide at the time of admission to a Pearson VUE test center?

    During the admissions process, candidates must provide two (2) valid forms of identification. At least one form of government issued ID must contain a picture. Acceptable forms of ID are:

  Testing Process

  • - 1. Where are Pearson VUE Authorized Test Centers located?

    Pearson VUE currently has more than 5,000 Pearson VUE Test Centers in more than 165 countries; including several hundred company-owned and operated Pearson Professional Centers. You can find a Pearson VUE Authorized Test Center after December 15, 2013 near you by visiting the Pearson VUE website.

  • - 2. Does Pearson VUE offer all IBM certification exams?

    All proctored, IBM certification and mastery exams are available at the Pearson VUE test centers. Additionally, IBM certification assessment tests and sales mastery tests are available to candidates anywhere there is internet access. To find the list of tests offered please review the IBM tests at

  • - 3. Are Pearson VUE’s testing requirements, for IBM exams, the same?

    Yes. Because IBM sets the testing requirements for its exams, the requirements at Pearson VUE will continue to be the same.

  • - 4. Will the test fees change?

    No, test fees are set by IBM and will remain the same.

  • - 5. Can Pearson VUE sites accommodate candidates with special needs?

    Yes, Pearson VUE and IBM allow accommodations to candidates who are identified as having special needs. If you need accommodations, please visit the website for additional information. The complete process as well as the required forms is listed here.


Scheduling and Exam

  • - 1. What if I already have an IBM exam scheduled with Prometric?

    If you have a test scheduled to take place on or before December 31, 2013, then you may keep that appointment.

  • - 2. I have an unexpired Prometric exam voucher but have not yet scheduled my exam, what do I do?

    You may use your voucher to schedule your exam with Prometric as long as the exam is taken on or before December 31, 2013. Starting January 13, 2014, most unused Prometric vouchers that have not been redeemed or expired will be valid in the Pearson VUE system.

  • - 3. How do I schedule an appointment for my first exam with Pearson VUE

    First, you will 'create a web account' with Pearson VUE for IBM tests. You will use your legal name as it appears on the photo IDs you will present for admission to the testing center. Be sure to use the same Candidate Testing ID that you currently have established for IBM testing at Prometric. Other demographic information will also be required to create the web account.

    Secondly, after you have your Pearson VUE web account username and password, you can proceed to scheduling an exam appointment by signing in to your account. Payment, if required, must be made at the same time as scheduling your exam appointment. You cannot book first and pay later. Be sure you know how you are going to pay (credit card, voucher number and/or promotion code) before you begin the scheduling process. Appointments may be made in advance or on the same day you register, subject to availability.

    Pearson VUE recommends that all candidates create their account at least 2 days prior to scheduling their testing appointment. For additional information on the registration/scheduling process, please visit:

  • - 4. I'm getting ready to attend an IBM Conference or Testing Event where certification testing is offered. Is there anything I need to do ahead of time to prepare?

    Yes, prior to the test event, please go to and create a web account, if you don’t already have one. Be sure to use the same Candidate Testing ID that you currently have established for IBM testing at Prometric. The recommendation is to create your account at least 2 days prior to the testing event. This will save time at the IBM Conference testing venue and will establish your account name and password before you enter the testing room for test registration.

    Take your account name and password with you to the IBM Conference. You will use this information to schedule your test. All tests that are taken at an IBM Conference or Testing Event must be scheduled on the day of the event.


Exam vouchers and Promo Codes

  • - 1. Will I be able to use unexpired Prometric vouchers that I have already acquired?

    Existing Prometric vouchers for IBM exams may be used to schedule an exam with Prometric through December 31, 2013. Starting January 13th, most unused Prometric vouchers that have not expired will be valid in the Pearson VUE system.

  • - 2. Will I still be able to purchase a Prometric voucher?

    You may purchase a Prometric voucher for an IBM exam up until December 22, 2013. You will need to test with Prometric on or before December 31, 2013.

  • - 3. Where can Pearson VUE vouchers be purchased?

    Pearson VUE vouchers can be purchased through the Pearson VUE Voucher Store effective January 2, 2014 at

    Please Note: While pre-paid vouchers offer convenience to some purchasers, candidates do not need to purchase a voucher to schedule an exam. A credit card may also be used at the time of scheduling.

  • - 4. Can I still use an existing Promo code?

    Current IBM promotions that extend into 2014 will continue to be valid at Pearson VUE testing centers after January 13, 2013.


My Account

  • - 1. What will happen to my records and testing history with Prometric?

    All records and testing history are the property of IBM, and this information will remain with IBM. Likewise, all new records created through Pearson VUE testing will be forwarded to IBM for processing and storage. See your information in the IBM Member Site:

  • - 2. I already have taken and passed one of the two exams required to earn an IBM Certification at a Prometric Test Center. Can I take the second exam at Pearson VUE, and if I pass, earn my IBM Certification?

    Yes. When creating your new web account with Pearson VUE, it is important that you use the same Candidate Testing ID you provided to Prometric when you took the first exam. By using the same Candidate Testing ID as before, the record of your new test results will be kept together with your existing test results at IBM. Then, you simply schedule your next exam with Pearson VUE.

    Because you use the same Candidate Testing ID, all of your tests will be together and, if earned, certifications will be reported in the IBM Member Site:

  • - 3. I have taken all my previous IBM exams with Prometric. Will all my new Pearson VUE exams be added to the same record, or will I now have different records?

    To keep all of your test information in the same record, be sure to continue using your current Candidate Testing ID. By providing your existing Candidate Testing ID (which you used with Prometric testing) when you create your Pearson VUE web account, your new test results will be kept together with your existing test results at IBM and in your Member Site records.

  • - 4. If I did not pass my exam after taking it twice at Prometric before the cutover date, will I still need to wait 30 days before retaking the exam at Pearson VUE?

    Yes. The retake policy remains in place. If you failed a proctored exam twice at Prometric, you will need to wait 30 days (from the date of the first test) before retaking the exam at Pearson VUE. If you do not wait, any test results will be invalidated by IBM, and your testing fees will not be refunded.

  • - 5. I need to order a duplicate score report, and I am testing prior to December 31, 2013. How do I receive that?

    If you tested at a Prometric Testing Center, you may request a duplicate of your score report from Prometric.

  Questions for Business Partners

  • - 1. I'm an IBM Business Partner and need to know how this testing vendor change will affect my firm ?

    There is no change to the PartnerWorld Profiling System (PPS) employee certification candidate testing id reporting process. You will be able to enter your existing candidate testing id when initially setting up your Pearson Vue profile.

    In addition, all of your firm's employee certification records will remain "as is" in PPS with no action required on your part.


Need additional Information?

Check back to this page frequently as we will be updating this list of FAQs. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please visit the IBM Professional Certification homepage at and review the articles that have been posted on this subject.

If you still don’t find the answer to your question, send an email to . IBM will respond to your question within 2 business days from the time of receipt.