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The impact of a security breach today is not contained to IT, but reverberates across government with potential national security implications. With today’s federal budget constraints and complex digital environment, government agencies are faced with major challenges to protect the nation’s infrastructure and sensitive data while complying with extensive security and performance requirements. More sophisticated external attacks and insider threats are a constant protection issue. Plus, the increasing volume of data, accessed by employees and citizens via mobile devices, cloud environments, and social media amplifies the nation’s security challenge.

These trends mean enterprise security can no longer be addressed simply with a secure perimeter. Instead, Security Intelligence, or situational awareness - preventing, detecting and addressing system breaches anywhere - must start with the organization’s mission and become part of the IT fabric. It is imperative for security and continuous diagnostics and mitigation to be woven into the everyday IT department operations. IBM Security offers a comprehensive framework, covering people, data, the network, and endpoints, and highlighted by QRadar for security intelligence, to help government agencies move to the next level of organizational security.

The IBM Security Framework

The IBM Security Framework integrated enterprise approach allows government agencies active management, real time information, analytical correlation and predictive threat management with one of the world’s broadest, most advanced and integrated portfolios of enterprise-class security products and services. The portfolio provides situational awareness through security intelligence and continuous monitoring, helping government to protect its people, infrastructure, data and applications.

So whether your risks are due to advanced threats, mobile access, cloud infrastructure, privacy and data, personnel, compliance issues, or you're looking to analyze big data for security insights, the tools and expertise from IBM Security solutions can help you proactively:

Real Time Security for Big Data Environments

IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data provides exceptional threat and risk detection, combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scales. For government agencies seeking advanced insight into security risks, the IBM solution - including IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform and IBM Big Data Platform - provides a comprehensive, integrated approach that combines real-time correlation for continuous insight, custom analytics across massive structured and unstructured data, and forensic capabilities for irrefutable evidence. The combination can help you address advanced persistent threats, fraud and insider threats.

The IBM solution is designed to answer questions you could never ask before, by widening the scope and scale of investigation. You can now analyze a greater variety of data - such as DNS transactions, emails, documents, social media data, full packet capture data and business process data - over years of activity. By analyzing structured, enriched security data alongside unstructured data from across the enterprise, the IBM solution helps find malicious activity hidden deep in the masses of an organization's data.

Key capabilities include:

Mobile Security Framework Improves Access and Threat Protection

The IBM Mobile Security Framework helps organizations develop an adaptable security posture to protect data on the device, at the access gateway and on the applications. This framework includes approaches to risk-based authentication control for mobile users, integration of access management into mobile application development and deployment as well as enhanced mobile device control.

With a broad portfolio of solutions for mobile security and management – including solutions for mobile application security and mobile security intelligence, IBM can help protect against security breaches, whether malicious or unintentional through risky employee access of data and applications - anytime, anywhere from any device. To learn more about specific IBM mobile security attributes, please visit:

IBM – Leader in Government Security

IBM has a track record of helping government agencies achieve effective cyber security. IBM manages end-to-end security for customers across the world – not just the technology involved, but the human element as well. IBM Security Solutions’ holistic approach allows organizations to securely, safely and confidently adopt new forms of technology.

IBM maintains a global security research and development and delivery presence, including ten security operations centers, ten IBM Research centers, 14 software security development labs, the X-Force Research and Development Team to provide clear and current picture of cyber threats and attacks, and an Institute for Advanced Security (link resides outside of with chapters in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. IBM monitors 15 billion security events per day in more than 130 countries and holds more than 3,000 security patents.

The information from these teams enable us to understand and remediate threats and help organizations harnessing the thousands of researchers, developers, consultants and subject matter experts focused on security world-wide. Information and intelligence from this research and the day to day operational view is constantly fed back into IBM Security Solutions.

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