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Data Center Solutions. Smarter computing for more efficiencies and flexibility.

Each of us is continually being challenged to be smarter in all we do. As we endeavor to use resources wisely and control costs, we look for smarter ways to carry out our daily processes. No where is this challenge more daunting then in the federal sector. Information technology (IT) advances are placing increasing demands on an organization’s IT infrastructure. A few trends, identified in IBM’s 2012 Global Data Center Study illustrate the scale, scope and implications of these demands:

Given these trends, it is clear that we need to determine how to shift IT spending to deal with these pressures. The pressures on data centers, the most significant IT investment that many organizations make and typically the core of IT infrastructures – as a cloud center or as a traditional mainframe data center, are relentless. Our data centers must become more efficient and flexible to meet the need for energy while keeping costs in check as the demand for and price of resources continue to rise.

Small Business Program Office

In 2012, IBM launched the Small Business Program Office (SBPO) in response to the escalating number of new policies and directives aimed at increasing opportunities for small business within the federal government. The SBPO is charged with: providing Industry alignment and delivery capability via Small Business Channels development; developing a Small Business Partners database that will allow IBMers to quickly identify a company in a specific category (8A SDVOB, etc); expanding IBM's participation with small businesses via the Mentor Protégé Program; educating IBM Procurement Preferred Suppliers and Alliance partners on Strategic Growth Initiatives; driving Strategic Growth Initiatives utilization and revenue via alternative channels, and ; developing a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) strategy that allows IBM “like” companies to participate.

For more information on IBM’s SBPO please contact Ben Gaither – BGAITHER@US.IBM.COM

Over 50 percent of organizations will expand or contract their number of data centers in the next three years, requiring a migration of data, applications and IT equipment. Indeed, the Federal government has embarked on what promises to be the largest data center consolidation in history and cloud computing will play a major role in the Federal data center consolidation efforts. The average revenue cost of an unplanned application outage is estimated to be up to $2.8 million per hour, and only 36 percent of interviewed organizations are able to tolerate less than one hour of downtime before experiencing significant loss. This makes the ability to maintain application availability requirements the central challenge when consolidating and relocating data centers. IBM IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services – data center consolidation and relocation helps you to migrate applications, data, IT and infrastructure equipment within data centers or from one data center to another while helping maintain your application availability requirements and product warranties.

Implementing a data center migration is a complicated, resource- and time-intensive activity that requires expertise many IT organizations may lack. A detailed, systematic approach and effective backup plans in case of emergencies—such as what you will do if your IT equipment is damaged in transit—are essential to any successful relocation project. To cope with these challenges, organizations need expert help to facilitate a successful relocation, avoid unplanned application downtime and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

IBM IT Facilities Consolidation and Relocation Services – data center consolidation and relocation leverages IBM’s extensive experience and a proven, IP-based methodology to help you handle complex data center migration projects. IBM skilled relocation specialists use tested techniques to help you plan and/or implement a reliable relocation project. Our approach helps you minimize the inherent complexity associated with migrating your data center environment while maintaining your application availability requirements, helping significantly reduce the risk of unplanned outages.

The number of Federal data centers has continued to grow at a rapid rate. In addition to the costs of procuring hardware and software, there are significant costs associated with operating each data center, such as real estate and power. The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative directs agencies to inventory their data centers and look for ways to consolidate and reduce operating costs. IBM is prepared to help you through each step of this process.

IBM has vast experience with data centers that are compliant with the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA) and DoD 5220 regulations. These are run as either government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO), government-secured, leased (GSL), or secured, IBM-owned facilities. These facilities are located in Raleigh, NC, Rocket Center, WV, and Boulder, CO. Leveraging those experiences, we can help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 55% and your floor space by 65%. We offer a broad range of products and services for consolidation, virtualization and cloud computing. IBM is a significant provider of cloud and data center capabilities with broad experience in the Federal marketplace. We provide rapid assessment services that can help you to:

Energy costs continue to rise, and data centers are large consumers of energy. Making these large users energy efficient is critical to making an entire building efficient. IBM energy efficiency solutions for the data center include products and services that are used to analyze and determine the necessary corrective actions.

In addition, the Obama administration has issued Executive Orders designed to make federal energy use more efficient. These orders point to the need for a smarter approach to data center management, requiring federal agencies to reduce natural resource consumption, decrease waste production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This smarter approach suggests the need for greater instrumentation at all levels and improvement of the interconnectivity of data center systems to measure total energy consumption and recommend ways to optimize the use of space and become more operationally efficient.

IBM solutions for Smarter Data Centers integrate and optimize a center’s physical and digital infrastructures to reduce both energy use and operating costs. IBM solutions deliver techniques and enabling technology to improve efficiency and environmental responsibility. They provide the ability to interact with the surrounding environment, and they communicate needs and status information to supporting infrastructures such as smart grids, building control and energy management systems.

IBM solutions for Smarter Data Centers combine real-time monitoring and facilities management capabilities in three core solution areas:

The IBM Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) offering is a unique and fully customizable “plug and play” solution for today’s growing IT demands and shrinking budgets. In addition to the robust containerized packaging capabilities for IBM and OEM equipment, the IBM PMDC incorporates vital infrastructure components such as redundant power, cooling and auxiliary power generation if desired. These elements enable the system to be rapidly deployed, set-up and made fully operational in a relative short time frame compared to building new or retrofitting existing brick and mortar facilities. All of this is accomplished through IBM’s ingenuity and more than 50 years of data center experience to create a best of breed offering for portable modular data centers that are unparalleled in the industry today.

The IBM Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) is a very flexible containerized data center solution, which supports many different configurations to meet client needs including open IT architecture and open infrastructure architecture. The PMDC solution can support any rack-mounted IT equipment as well as some non-rack mounted equipment and can be supported by any of IBM’s global infrastructure equipment partners. The Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) container solution can consist of a single, all-in-one container or multiple containers in several different configurations. IBM has developed a highly adaptable and scalable solution using standard ISO containers to include high-cube (9.5’ high) and standard height (8.5’ high) variants in lengths of 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’ and 53’. The IBM PMDC solution is fully customizable, but we offer standard reference architectures for discussion points with clients. These examples are by no means the extent of the solutions that can be designed and engineered. We offer a full design and engineering package of services for non-standard solutions that may be unique to a given set of requirements.

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