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Federal governments and agencies are facing budget constraints and are seeking cost savings in all areas, including IT. Agencies are pressured to upgrade legacy systems to current technologies to help ensure flexibility, openness and transparency. While agencies are increasingly turning to cloud-based solutions, it’s imperative that these solutions address the increased security and risk exposure and the scalability requirements of the Federal government today and beyond.

Cloud computing solutions for the Federal government from IBM include multiple deployment models that can offer private, community, public and hybrid cloud. Whether building a private cloud, or deploying technology as a service, (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), our cloud solutions provide the flexibility to manage your environment and go beyond cost savings by allowing your users to access the latest software and infrastructure offerings to foster innovation.

Getting Started In Cloud

As Government agencies embark on or expand their cloud implementations, IBM Federal Cloud Consulting offerings can help you to develop a mission-driven cloud strategy and a transformation roadmap. The choice of cloud delivery models is largely workload-dependent. Size, standardization, security, scalability and many other factors affect this decision. Most customers will need different types of cloud for different workloads at different stages in their cloud journey.

What sets IBM apart is our ability to address the full spectrum of cloud deployments, to bring a business value focus, to help clients evolve and manage their cloud environments. In the future, you will probably be managing a hybrid cloud composed of the various cloud computing models. Managing, deploying and evolving between the models is essential and IBM can help you chose the best options and evolve over time.

Hybrid Cloud

Build your hybrid/private cloud with SoftLayer and IBM SmartCloud for Government

IBM can provide the right mix of private, public and hybrid cloud capabilities required for federal agencies that are struggling to manage the complex requirements and mandates to move applications to the cloud. Our SoftLayer IaaS can play a leading role in providing a hybrid cloud environment to government entities that have been challenged in leveraging public cloud-only offerings. IBM also offers its FedRAMP-certified SmartCloud for Government that provides best-in-class security and open standards with full control of access, availability and recovery.


Software as a service (SaaS) is a software model with applications centrally hosted in a cloud computing environment and accessed by users over the Internet. Many business applications use SaaS as a common delivery model because of its ability to help reduce costs and simplify deployment.

Whether your agency is ready to integrate SaaS applications into operations, build your own SaaS platform to deliver applications or design new customized web services, IBM offers technology components and expertise to meet your needs.

Paladin Electronic Training Jacket ASM
IBM's Electronic Training Jacket offers a rich suite of cloud-based training, certification and readiness services designed to improve efficiency and productivity while decreasing costs. The solution features Paladin Data Systems' Advanced Skills Management Industrial (ASMi) software.

Social business for Government
Offer secure mobile and desktop access to business-grade file sharing, communities, web meetings, instant messaging, mail and calendar in a cloud computing environment.

Gain visibility into your business performance with cloud-based software that delivers actionable insights.

Business process as a service
Transform business processes such as payroll, printing and e-commerce by accessing them as a service over the Internet.


IBM's Platform as a Service (PaaS) powers fast development and deployment of applications to the cloud with a suite of cloud-based development tools, workload patterns, middleware and databases.

Rational Development/Test
IBM's Rational Development/Test offering provides an innovative and secure cloud solution enabling agencies to economically satisfy their dev/test needs. Development/Test environments are particularly well-suited to move to the cloud for cost savings and agility, as dev/test resources are on average idle 85 percent of the time.


Chart your path to higher value.
Based on an in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements, IBM can help you develop and execute a holistic cloud strategy tailored to your needs—migrating your existing systems and applications or deploying entirely new ones.

Cloud strategy and design
Initiate your cloud transformation with a customized action plan based on comprehensive workload, readiness and return on investment analyses.

Cloud security services
Identify overall cloud security and privacy risks for applications, solutions and services. Build a security-rich cloud strategy road map.

Cloud implementation
Find the right balance between the hybrid, private and public delivery models with cloud application and testing services.

We offer several consulting workshops, listed in the Resource Center.

Delivery Models

IBM is aware of the Federal Government’s unique requirements and provides both public, private and Federal Community Cloud to address them.

Public Cloud
We have a wide range of public cloud offerings that may apply in circumstances where higher security is not required, such as a public-facing web site which may be able to reside in an IBM public cloud. Our public cloud is an enterprise-level cloud with the reliability and scalability needed by enterprises, not individuals. Please visit for more information about the wide range of IBM public cloud offerings.

Private Cloud
The IBM Federal Private Cloud offerings provide agencies on-demand provisioning of dynamically scalable and virtualized resources in a security-rich private cloud environment. It allows users to request, fulfill, manage and release complete software stacks or IT landscapes. Private clouds can be deployed on your premises or hosted in the IBM FISMA compliant data centers, which are located in the continental United States (CONUS). These are run as either government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO), government-secured, leased (GSL), or secured, IBM-owned facilities. These facilities are located in Raleigh, NC, Rocket Center, WV, and Boulder, CO.

Community Cloud
IBM’s Federal Community Cloud (FCC) service platform for government is offered in all of our Federal Data Center facilities. The FCC is:

Cloud Forum Library


2013 Federal Cloud Innovation Forum: Innovation Without Risk

Resource Center

IBM SmarterCloud for Government


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