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Multi-Channel Customer Experience Assessment

Improve user experience and reduce costs hero

The internet and emergence of more sophisticated digital channels and mobile devices continues to drive innovation. User experience and the effective use of digital channels can be a differentiator. Given the challenging economic climate, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to support citizen requirements.


The IBM Multi-Channel Customer Experience Assessment provides recommendations on user experience improvements that enables clients to achieve short term cost reductions, as well as lay the foundation for longer term strategic objectives. The assessment may include an evaluation of adherence to customer experience best practices, segmentation strategies, channel effectiveness, industry influencers, usability, analytics, web metrics and sentiment monitoring.


  • User interface changes that improve efficiency, reduce transaction times and costs
  • Guidance on building consistency across channels
  • A more compelling visual design to engage users and drive greater application adoption
  • Greater leverage of self-service capabilities to reduce costs
  • More focused short term cost reductions

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