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Smarter Cities Assessment

Sense and sustainability for cities

Smarter Cities Assessment

Cities around the world, old and new, big and small, are a complex network of interconnected systems. Public and government services, citizens, business, transport, communication, water, energy—these are integral components of this network and performance is fundamental to social and economic progress.

As the world becomes increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent in nature, cities find themselves in increasing competition with their peers, yet they are challenged to do better with less for more people. Cities need a clear path to follow on their journey to sustained prosperity and they need a well-defined, objective understanding of how they perform in their core systems.


The smarter city assessment tool has been developed by IBM Global Business Services, Plant Location International on the basis of proven location assessment methodologies. It measures cities’ performance against many indicators for each of the smarter city systems, allows benchmarking of a city’s overall capabilities against peer locations and best practice, and identifies challenges and opportunities for improvement.

The assessment tool is tailored to support insights for your city’s vision and strategy; captures a holistic view of the systems; and benchmarks the city’s performance against its peers and best practices. Each of these factors helps determine key improvement needs and set priorities for action.


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