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Cloud-enabled business model accelerator

Assessing your opportunities and defining the roadmap

Cloud-enabled business model accelerator

Individuals, businesses, and agencies are embracing the digital revolution. Social networks and digital devices are being used to engage government, businesses and civil society, as well as friends and family. People are using mobile, interactive tools to determine who to trust, where to go and what to buy. At the same time, organizations are undertaking their own digital transformations, rethinking what stakeholders value most, and taking advantage of the availability of vast and ubiquitous computing power to create new business and operating models primed for the digital age.

The challenge for government agencies is how fast and how far to go – taking advantage of what’s newly possible for differentiation and doing all this with an eye to what matters most to their stakeholders.


Cloud provides six key enablers that can fundamentally change an organization or expand the horizon of what is possible in business model innovation. These enablers ‘level the playing field’ by dramatically reducing barriers to entry, enabling agencies to expand their scope, offerings, and value propositions.

Through an accelerated four-week project, our government and technology strategists will collaborate with your organization to identify, analyze and help you prioritize cloud-enabled business model opportunities within the context of your mission. The evaluation of cloud-enabled business model opportunities will focus on potential changes to your value chain, changing your service-delivery mix, or altering the way your organization operates across its extended enterprise. As an outcome, your organization will receive a final report that will document our financial and strategic analysis, key findings and recommended next steps.


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