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IBM Information Security Assessment

IBM Information Security Assessment

In a world in which the proliferation of data continues to accelerate, information security has increased as a key enterprise priority. And with continually changing regulations that govern data security and privacy, you can’t afford to be unsure whether your existing policies and procedures help support regulatory compliance for information protection.


The IBM Information Security Assessment is centered on protecting the sensitive data within an organization. The assessment identifies and documents the existing organizational requirements for information security. With these requirements as context, your current information security program will be analyzed to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the program and the program resources. IBM performs a gap analysis of security practices against industry standards of good practice and companies of a similar size, complexity, and industry, and provides a written report of the analysis and recommendations for mitigation of identified risks and threats as well as justification for those recommendations.


If you are like most organizations, balancing the cost and effort of information security with other priorities is a continual challenge. Knowing where your most critical gaps in information security are will help you ensure you direct the optimal amount of cost and time to information security to help you manage your data in a fast-paced business environment.

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