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Capabilities Focus Enterprise Content Management


Organizations generate a wide variety of content through conducting business, but struggle to manage that content. The collective knowledge, history, past experiences, methods, processes, and tools garnered by an enterprise and it’s people that enable it to operate in the competitive business environment creates a mass of data that can severely impact an organization’s efficiency. Content remains locked in various silos across the organization, and the volume of content, the variety of content types and the multi-channel world an organization has to deal with continue to grow dramatically. As an agency grows and delivers new services the need to share, access, and search content becomes a critical factor.

Encapsulating content across an enterprise can easily reach hundreds of millions of documents and storage/backup needs in the terabyte, petabyte, or exabyte, while maintaining compliance with existing and emerging stadards such as HIPAA, SAS 70, BS 7799, DoD Records Management Directive 5015, and ISO-IEC 27001. Maintaining enterprise content management in-house can be cost prohibitive, which makes outsourcing it to a certified, end-to-end provider a viable alternative.

NISC, an IBM company, provides complete ECM solutions that can be scaled to any size and comply with current and future standards. A NISC ECM solution will provide the content backbone and business processing systems that will enhance an organization’s agility and effectiveness in serving content to internal and external audiences.

Day in and day out, organizations put content to work using relevant, dynamic business processes. The decisions made are in real-time; the results accountable, measured and compliant. The expression that ECM helps companies make “better decisions faster” is not a slogan; it’s a reality for those successful organizations that manage and deliver content for excellent customer service, maximum workforce efficiency and double-digit return on investment.


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