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IBM XIV Storage System

Storage Reinvented



Next generation storage system helps enable growth without complexity

The IBM XIV® Storage System is a next-generation high-end open disk storage system. An integral part of IBM’s broad spectrum of system storage offerings, the XIV system has an innovative grid architecture designed to deliver the highest levels of reliability, performance, scalability and functionality at low overall cost, while eliminating complexity and providing unprecedented ease of management.

Designed for exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership, the XIV system aims to tackle almost every aspect related to owning, operating and maintaining a storage system, including backup and restore, acquisition, environmentals, administration, and downtime cost factors.

The XIV system is designed to deliver consistently high performance through the elimination of hot spots and full exploitation of all key system resources at all times. Its ground-breaking architecture delivers these performance levels while innovatively leveraging the capacity and cost benefits of Very High Density Slower Rotation (VHDSR) drives.

Outstanding availability and reliability are delivered through a revolutionary redundancy scheme, enabling automated self healing with exceptionally fast rebuild times. Software functionality including snapshotting, thin provisioning and space reclamation, and remote mirroring can help ease provisioning and protect business data from unexpected outages. IBM XIV can help customers deploy an information infrastructure that is reliable, versatile and available while offering improvements in storage management, provisioning and improved asset utilization.

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