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Workforce and Talent Healthcheck

Align workforce strategy and planning with your goals

Workforce and Talent

The downturn in the economy is driving the importance of managing costs and increasing productivity, leading to workforce cost optimization efforts. At the same time, organizations need to be positioned to take advantage when the economy begins to turn, which equates to developing an adaptable workforce. External forces are changing the way we need to look at the workforce we have and the workforce that we will need, including changing demographics.

In as few as five to six weeks, IBM can help you address these issues.


The Workforce and Talent Healthcheck analyzes 11 workforce components and assesses performance against industry best practices to identify potential improvement areas. It helps you to make the appropriate resourcing decisions to position your organization for future success. The healthcheck defines a process for identifying and retaining top performers and leaders to maintain your organizational health.

Some benefits of the Workforce and Talent Healthcheck include:

  • Identification of workforce strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritization and a roadmap of where to start to improve workforce and talent management
  • An understanding of the investment required and insights into the benefits expected

Why IBM?

  • IBM is continually recognized for our internal HR policies, our own business transformation, and our research and development in the area of workforce management
  • The Healthcheck is driven by your overall goals and strategy
  • Focused on long-term sustainable results with quick opportunities
  • Over 2,000 human capital professionals

For more information or to request a conversation, call 1-800-333-6705 or e-mail IBM at


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