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Enterprise Asset Management Business Value Analysis

Manage assets efficiently and effectively Enterprise Asset Management Business Value Analysis

Governments world-wide are facing an economic environment unlike anything most have faced in the past. This environment has highlighted the importance of properly managing business assets. Agencies will require that their assets be managed efficiently and effectively to enable better returns on their assets and enhanced performance.

In as few as two weeks, IBM can help you address these issues.


The IBM Enterprise Asset Management Business Value Analysis Solution provides a clear picture of the potential benefits and returns of implementing an Asset Management solutions, as they apply to your organization. It can streamline and improve operations for greater stakeholder value and customer satisfaction. Some benefits you can realize:

  • Increased asset and infrastructure reliability and availability; decreased outages and unplanned maintenance
  • Extend asset life and defer non-essential maintenance. Increased asset reliability and uptime.
  • Better visibility and management of third-party service providers who affect operations
  • Facilitated standardization and enforcement of operational processes
  • Alignment of asset management practices to business needs

Why IBM?

  • Clients experience quicker time to benefits with lower risk
  • Strategic focus on long-term sustainable gains with quick win situations
  • Use of global resources, Maximo Accelerators, and Maximize Methodology™ to dramatically reduce the implementation time
  • Leverage Asset Management Center for Excellence (AMCoE), for consistent reliable delivery experience. Through the AMCoE we manage our intellectual capital and provide AMCoE Delivery Packs to all our asset management consultants, assuring consistent solution delivery.

For more information or to request a conversation, call 1-800-333-6705 or e-mail IBM at


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