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IT service management

Today's IT environment includes a myriad of heterogeneous and inter-related hardware components, including computing systems, network devices, and storage structures, all supporting a variety of middleware, applications, and databases. Organizations manage their IT infrastructure through services, whose underlying processes involve resource availability, storage and asset management, compliance, governance, IT services integration, and more.

The Academic Initiative offers resources to help you teach your students about the management of IT services and prepare them for the complex systems they will encounter in the workplace.

IT service management focus areas

  • Availability and performance management
    Teach your students how to monitor and improve the availability and efficiency of an IT environment. Help them get practical experience with Tivoli Monitoring.
    Recommended product: Tivoli Monitoring
  • Endpoint management
    Teach your students how to address the issues of security, complexity, and bring your own device (BYOD) policies that challenge support for an increasingly mobile workforce.
    Recommended products: BigFix (formerly Endpoint Manager), License Metric Tool, MaaS360
  • Enterprise asset management
    Help your students learn the importance of managing enterprise assets, whether its trucks, railroads, oil refineries, nuclear power plants, or more. They can apply the concepts using Maximo Asset Manager.
    Recommended product: Maximo Asset Management
  • Foundations in IT services, governance, and ITIL
    Ensure your curricula include the fundamental concepts and theory behind the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), IT services, and governance. Use IBM SmartCloud Control Desk to show how all these concepts can be implemented.
    Recommended product: SmartCloud Control Desk
  • Storage management
    Centralized, automated storage management and data protection are necessary in every IT installation — to guard against data loss, reduce complexity, enforce compliance, and mitigate risks. Give your students hands-on opportunities with Tivoli Storage Manager solutions.
    Recommended products: Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack

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