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Enterprise computing

Major companies around the world run their critical applications on large and midrange systems, such as mainframes, Power Systems, blades, and rack and cluster systems. The need for technical skills on enterprise systems continues to grow, and students with knowledge and hands-on experience are sought after in the job market.

The Academic Initiative offers an array of resources to help you teach your students about enterprise architecture and the computing skills they will need to be productive in the real world of "big iron".

Enterprise computing focus areas

  • System z: Mainframe computing
    The mainframe has always been the IT industry's leading platform for transaction processing, consolidated and secure data serving, and supporting enterprise-wide applications. Get your students working on System z, IBM's world class mainframe computer.
  • Power Systems
    Power Systems are used in today's marketplace across all industries, providing companies with a single energy-efficient and easy to deploy platform for AIX/UNIX, Linux, and IBM i. Make sure your students have computing experience on the IBM system that powered Watson, the computer that prevailed in the Jeopardy! challenge.

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