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Cloud computing

As more organizations invest in cloud technologies for competitive advantage, prepare your students with cloud skills required for today’s marketplace. In this teaching topic, find course material and other resources to teach your students the basics of cloud computing, how to build dynamic cloud applications in public or private clouds, and how to manage the infrastructure. Encourage students to learn when to use platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, private clouds, and hybrid clouds.

Cloud computing focus areas

  • Platform as a service
    Teach students how to quickly build, manage, and run applications of all types, including web, mobile, big data, smart device apps.
    Recommended products: IBM Bluemix, IBM DevOps Services
  • Infrastructure as a service
    Teach students self-service provisioning for both virtual and dedicated bare-metal servers--with deployment in just minutes.
    Recommended product: IBM SoftLayer
  • Private and hybrid clouds
    Learn how to orchestrate, manage, and secure cloud service and data.
    Recommended products: SmartCloud Provisioning, SmartCloud Control Desk, Cloud Orchestrator

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