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Addendum for cloud services

This Addendum for Cloud Services (“Addendum”) amends the Agreement for IBM Academic Initiative (“Agreement”) and governs your access to and use of IBM Cloud Services (“Services”) that are made available under the Academic Initiative. Terms in this Addendum control over inconsistent terms in the Agreement, which together control over inconsistent terms that apply generally to each of the Services.

If you have additional questions about appropriate use of the terms of IBM Academic Initiative program, email

You can also view these guidelines in PDF format (85KB).

1. Definitions

  • Eligible products include Programs, Software Maintenance, Educational Materials, Cloud Services, and other resources that are listed in IBM’s Academic Initiative Eligible Product List (the “List”). The List is available at for Programs and Cloud Services.
  • Cloud services include Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, or Infrastructure as a Service offerings generally made available by IBM and listed on the Eligible Product List.

2. Access Agreement

For Cloud Services provided by IBM to you, the terms of the generally applicable access agreement (the “Cloud Agreement”), as modified by this Addendum, replace the license terms for Programs of Section 2 of the Agreement. The Cloud Agreement for a Cloud Service may be the IBM Cloud Services Agreement, the IBM Passport Advantage Agreement, or such other IBM agreement under which IBM makes the Cloud Service generally available.

You agree to register for and agree to the applicable Cloud Agreement for each Cloud Service and to have your Students do the same. You agree to use the Cloud Services solely for instruction and learning, as well as noncommercial research at the Institution. This use includes the design, development and testing of software applications or hardware created by you and your Students.

The licenses to Educational Materials remain unchanged. Certain Cloud Services enable users to execute separately licensed software in the cloud (e.g., SoftLayer's infrastructer-as-a-service offerings). In addition to the licenses granted in the Agreement to install copies of Programs on the Institution's servers and personal computers, you are licensed to install and execute Programs on those Cloud Services.

3. Charges and Taxes

IBM provides Cloud Services under this Agreement at no charge (a) up to a certain usage or credit limit and/or (b) for a stated usage period. Details are provided at The free usage may be renewed by agreement between you and IBM.

4. Term and Termination

Upon the expiration of the agreed free term for a Cloud Service or for usage above the free usage limit, your continued use of that service will be subject to the associated Cloud Agreement, unmodified by this Agreement unless your access to the Cloud Service had been terminated due to your breach. You agree that any usage of the Cloud Services after the agreed free term or above the free usage limit may incur expenses for which you will be charged.

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