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Business analytics

Industries have a growing need to analyze vast amounts of data to plan, understand, manage, and predict financial and operational performance. Students who understand the importance of business intelligence and have the skills to model, analyze, and predict outcomes will be well prepared to compete in the market place.

Business analytics is about taking control of information and shifting the agenda towards predicting and shaping business outcomes.

Business analytics focus areas

  • Business intelligence
    Prepare your students for the data explosion and meet their needs for flexible business intelligence tools that are easy to use.
    Recommended products: Cognos Business Intelligence, Cognos Express, Cognos Insight
  • Predictive and advanced analysis
    Show your students how subtle patterns and associations in data can produce predictive models that optimize decision-making.
    Recommended product: SPSS Modeler
  • Prescriptive analytics
    Teach your students how to solve complex business problems, such as those found in production planning, distribution network design, portfolio optimization, resource allocation, scheduling, sequencing, time-tabling, routing, and dispatching.
    Recommended product: ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio
  • Smarter cities
    Challenge your students to solve complex, real-life issues, like those facing today's cities. Introduce them to the City One game and the City Forward website, state-of-the art tools that provide analytic information to help anticipate, rather than just react to, problems.
    Recommended products: City One, City Forward

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