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Financial Services Summit 2012 - NYC

Solutions Showcase

The Nolan Company – Contributing Partner The Nolan Company – Contributing Partner

Robert E. Nolan Company helps banks, insurers and financial institutions improve operational performance through process innovation and effective use of technology. Nolan helps their clients adopt and manage analytic capabilities throughout the enterprise, improving market segmentation, pricing, underwriting, claims and service operations

IBM Customer Analytics

Varicent Sales Performance Management
Varicent, an IBM Company, enables companies to automate the process of calculating and reporting variable-based pay. The solution is used by finance, sales, human resources and IT departments in high performing companies across several industries. Using Varicent, companies manage and streamline compensation processes, reduce errors, maximize efficiencies and drive improved sales performance.

Insurance Customer Retention and Growth
In today’s business climate insurers must focus their retention efforts and resources on high-value, low-risk policyholders. Learn how IBM Customer Retention and Growth solutions can help you identify at-risk customers before they defect and predict what offers and channels will be most successful for retention or cross sell efforts.

Banking Customer Profitability Analytics
Many factors influence customer profitability for retail or commercial banks. See how IBM Customer Profitability solutions enable banks to easily calculate profitability at the account level and increase net income using models to predict lifetime value. Sales and branch managers can use this insight to customize service, retention strategies and marketing offers accordingly.

IBM Risk and Financial Analytics IBM Risk and Financial Analytics

Financial Risk
IBM's financial risk management solutions enable companies to manage financial uncertainty and exposure across the business including: Market Risk; Credit and Collateral Risk; ALM & Liquidity Risk; Capital Management and Actuarial Risk.  Learn how Algorithmics, an IBM Company, delivers solutions that are designed to help our clients understand financial risks specific to their institution and pick the best course of action to optimize their business outcomes.

Performance Management
IBM Business Analytics solutions help you gain visibility, insight and control over the levers of performance and compliance through improved performance reporting, planning, analysis and forecasting, profitability modeling, financial consolidation and disclosure management. See how you can use these solutions to drive more profitable growth and address regulation and risk-related challenges.

Operational Risk & GRC
The IBM OpenPages GRC Platform arms organizations with deep insight into all aspects of operational risk and enterprise-wide governance and compliance to make risk-aware business decisions and manage regulatory change. Learn how the IBM OpenPages GRC Platform can help your organization link risk management to business processes and integrate risk information across organizational and functional silos to improve business performance.

IBM Software, Systems and Services

Big Data for Insurance: Fighting Fraud, Retaining Customers and Managing Risk
Big data can help insurers fight claims fraud, determine next best actions to satisfy and retain customers, and assess risk in key areas such as catastrophe modeling. Come talk to us to learn how you can use big data to solve your business problems. You’ll see first-hand how IBM's claims fraud software can prevent, predict, identify, investigate, report and monitor attempts at insurance fraud. It equips underwriters, adjusters, investigators and managers with the information they need to make intelligent, informed decisions in real time. Please join us to learn how your organization can identify patterns and trends to quickly pinpoint fraudulent activity and improve fraud prevention in the future.

Enterprise Content Management
Banking and financial services business functions are more complex and generate higher volumes of content than ever before. See how IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions use analytics to help businesses achieve better outcomes when executing complex, high-risk decision-making processes within their case management, commercial and mortgage lending, wealth management and fraud investigation applications.

IBM Platform™ Symphony
Organizations running demanding risk management and financial applications need the ability to predictably meet and exceed throughput goals. IBM Platform™ Symphony is a powerful, enterprise-class grid management solution for financial organizations running compute- and data-intensive applications. Learn how Symphony accelerates a wide variety of parallel applications, quickly computing results while making optimal use of available infrastructure.

Next Best Action with IBM Analytical Decision Management
Find out how IBM Analytical Decision Management (ADM) is revolutionizing the way organizations make decisions, empowering frontline workers and systems to make the right decision each time. By combining predictive analytics, business rules, scoring and optimization techniques into an organization’s systems, ADM delivers recommended actions for optimized outcomes in support of Customer, Operational and Fraud Analytics agendas.

IBM Power Systems for Smarter Analytics
IBM Smarter Analytics is a holistic approach that turns information into insight and insight into business outcomes. IBM Power Systems provides an extraordinary foundation for your Smarter Analytics solutions. Stop by and learn how Power Systems solutions provides better performance at a lower total cost of ownership than x86 platforms.

IBM Global Business Services: Leading through Connections 
For some time, businesses have been refining and optimizing their networks of suppliers and partners. But something just as meaningful has been happening – the sudden convergence of the digital, social and mobile spheres – connecting customers, employees and partners in new ways to organizations and to each other. In speaking face-to-face with 1,709 CEOs, general managers and senior public sector leaders around the globe, leaders confirmed that our new connected era is changing how people engage. Stop by to discuss key findings from the IBM CEO study including how CEOs are responding to the complexity of increasingly interconnected organizations, markets, societies and governments.

Trusted Real-time Actionable Insights with zEnterprise EC12
There are dramatic forces of change across the financial system and business advantage will go to those who focus on 3 key imperatives: reinventing the business model, focusing on the customer and integrating risk management. Let us show you how you can meet your business imperatives with IBM solutions for trusted real-time, actionable insights from zEnterprise EC12.