InfoSphere Optim Implementation Bootcamp

This five day, hands-on technical workshop is a sequel to the InfoSphere Optim Solutions for Distributed Systems Bootcamp. The class materials are presented in two main sections - InfoSphere Optim Advanced Technical Topics and InfoSphere Optim Implementation Project Planning/Methodology.The InfoSphere Optim Advanced Technical Topics section is a series of presentations and hands-on-labs to prepare attendees for implementing various InfoSphere Optim solutions in federated environments. The later InfoSphere Optim Implementation Project Planning/Methodology section is a series of presentations and exercises to guide attendees on the "Best Practices" in planning, designing, and executing an InfoSphere Optim Project.

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The materials are presented at a technical level, assuming attendees have working knowledge of InfoSphere Optim Solutions and relational databases. Intermediate knowledge of InfoSphere Optim solutions and certification on M31/M77 is required.

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19 Nov 2012 - 23 Nov 2012 , Warsaw , Mazowieckie , Poland