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Join us at the Social Business Application Development Workshop to learn about developing social business applications on the IBM Platform for Social Business using the common language of the web developer. The ICS Application Development Workshop is a three day event where business partners will learn social business application development from the engineers at IBM Labs.

Day 1 - Building Social Business Applications - Hands-on exercises

Introduction to the Social Platform (REST, ATOM, CMIS, JSON, OAuth)
Social capabilities for web developers (HTML, javascript)
Social capabilities for Java developers (J2EE, JSP)
Integrating apps in ICS containers (iWidgets, WCM, Portlets)

Day 2 - Open, Cloud & Mobile - Hands-on exercises

OpenSocial and Embedded Experiences
Integrating with IBM SmartCloud
Mobilizing Application

Day 3 (Optional) - Work on YOUR application with the help of IBM Engineers

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13 Nov 2012 - 15 Nov 2012, Waltham, MA, United States

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