IBM Datacap Scripting Workshop (Virtual)


IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture 8.1 is a complete solution for document and data capture. Taskmaster scans, classifies, recognizes, validates, verifies, and exports data and document images quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. By combining the best of breed recognition engines for OCR, ICR, OMR and barcodes with libraries of hundreds of script-based actions, Taskmaster accurately captures data from any type of structured, highly variable, or unstructured form. Taskmaster captures machine print, hand print, bar codes, and check box data. Using Taskmaster's flexible rules engine, data capture can be tailored to fit the most demanding business requirements – and can be changed quickly when business needs change. For indexing applications, Taskmaster streamlines the manual data entry of indexes by using recognition to automatically identify the index values on each document and to automate the document identification process.

In this workshop, you will learn the features and functions of IBM Datacap Taskmaster that can be used to quickly implement new applications and customize out-of-the-box functionality for specific customer requirements.

What you will discover by attending this workshop
IBM Datacap customization using the following components:

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BYOD with the following components pre-installed:
1. IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture 8.1.0 on Windows 7/ Win  2008 (Part# CI9YJML)
Essentially, a complete install is required. Datacap Studio and Taskmaster Client (APT application) will be used extensively. The Taskmaster Web and FastDoc Capture components are not required.
2. Your favorite text editor, or one of the following:
3. Visual C# 2010 Express, You may download it from here:

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