Lotus Web Content Management V7.0: Developing a Web content solution


Do your clients and employees need a clear, consistent and manageable way to create, control, deliver and maintain the large amount of information that is published to their Web sites? Are the people who create the content not equipped to make changes to their own Web sites? Are different parts of the Web site managed by different people, resulting in inconsistency and confusion to visitors? Is valuable data locked away in backend systems without an easy way to publish it?

IBM Lotus Web Content Management provides a solution to these and other problems. It helps to streamline the design, creation, management and delivery of Web content to Internet, intranet and extranet sites. Lotus Web Content Management helps to reduce IT costs by empowering users, not IT resources, to manage Web content in a consistent and easy to use manner. The latest release of Lotus Web Content Management builds on the previous version to make content management even more efficient. Come experience the latest UI enhancements and new capabilities. This technical workshop gives you information and hands-on lab skills to help you develop an end-to-end Web content management solution that is flexible, scalable and configurable.

This workshop is offered in four formats and contain the same content. All formats are offered at no charge. See below for specific enrollment information.

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This workshop is offered in four formats with the same content in each. All formats are offered at no-charge.

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