Discovering the different aspects of Security in the Cloud


Security in the Cloud is a multi dimensional topic. There is a misconception that one turns a magic key and security is enabled in Cloud. This one day briefing will start with an introduction on the different areas concerned when we talk about security in the Cloud, and will then go into the detail and technology of the relevant areas as identified by IBM's Security Framework. It should be noted, this briefing will not be product focused but will be more an architectural view of security in the Cloud. There will be details on the IBM technology used to secure the different areas where appropriate.

Areas Covered:
-People and Identity Management
-Security Governance
-Data and Information
-Application and Process
-Network, Server and Endpoint
-Physical Infrastructure

This event is aimed at Technical Professionals, Business Partners, ISVs and Customers

Events highlights

This briefing highlights the followings products, services and technologies:

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