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Rational Team Concert is built on Jazz, the exciting new technology platform for collaborative software delivery. It is a platform on which IBM will base their software tools going forward. Rational Team Concert was developed in collaboration with the development community that was involved on the project, and is designed to facilitate the straightforward setup and dynamic provisioning of new team members and projects. It provides organizations with the flexibility they need to respond more quickly to business needs and to leverage business and technical talent wherever it is located.

Learn about Jazz and Rational Team Concert, through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

For the latest Agenda, visit the developerWorks Jazz Group:

Events highlights

This workshop will highlight the following:

An in-depth look at the Jazz architecture and open commercial development strategy
In context Collaboration: Share queries with team or member
Work item and change set traceability
Build definitions for team and private builds
Transparency: Real-time project status window
World-class team on-boarding /off-boarding including team membership, sub-teams and project inheritance
Shortened project initiation time: Days rather than weeks
Improved cycle times through automated and reusable patterns, services and architectures




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13 Dec 2012 - 13 Dec 2012, Ehningen, Baden Württemberg, Germany
12 Sep 2012 - 12 Sep 2012, Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

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