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This course provides an overview of data mining and the fundamentals of using IBM SPSS Modeler. Using the CRISP-DM methodology, the course illustrates the principles and practice of data mining. Students learn the basics of how to complete set of steps involved in working with data, from reading the data to creating the final models for additional analysis. This workshop includes multiple hands-on labs using SPSS Modeler.

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Past events

24 Jun 2015 - 24 Jun 2015, Noisy-le-Grand, France
24 Mar 2015 - 24 Mar 2015, Warsaw, Poland
03 Dec 2014 - 04 Dec 2014, Bucharest, Romania, Romania
08 Jan 2014 - 08 Jan 2014, Noisy-le-Grand, France
04 Sep 2013 - 05 Sep 2013, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
12 Feb 2013 - 12 Feb 2013, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
22 Mar 2012 - 22 Mar 2012, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

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