Mainframe 50th Anniversary

BNL - 50th Anniversary Mainframe

In 1964, Thomas J. Watson Jr. announced IBM System/360 with the phrase “This is the beginning of a new generation—not only of computers—but of their application in business, science and government.”  On the 50th anniversary of the mainframe, we are bringing together the current generation of experts and technical leaders with the next generation in academia.

Events highlights

This event consists of a series of sessions by our leaders to discuss the contribution the Mainframe has on their business with a focus on their use of the Mainframe in years to come and the skills a candidate would possess to help them exploit the Mainframe in the future. 

Highlights include:

Learn something new, share some wisdom, and celebrate the anniversary of a system that helped send men to the Moon.

Upcoming events

No events scheduled at this time. There is no charge to attend.

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