IBM InfoSphere Streams Bootcamp


InfoSphere Streams is part of the IBM Big Data platform which offers real-time analytics. It is capable of analyzing Petabytes of data per day and triggering actions in milliseconds.  InfoSphere Streams is a transformative product for the analysis of streaming data.  Streams supports deep analytics like Text Analytics, Data Mining Scoring, Financial transformations and more.  Streams also can connect to a wide variety of data sources and targets like Databases, Hadoop Servers, TCP/IP streams etc.

Attendees will learn how Streams works, how to administer Streams as well as learn how to develop Streams applications using Streams Processing Language (SPL).  Among them  you will learn how to implement data filtering and transformation, database access and text mining applications.

The course starts with Streams architecture and its administration techniques.  A significant amount of time will be spent on learning the new language called SPL that allows you to develop Streams applications.  The remainder of the course introduces toolkits that are offered in Streams, and application development procedures together with debugging techniques.

The following audiences can benefit from this workshop by learning how to develop for IBM BigInsights:

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