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IBM Worklight Introduction

Creating you first IBM Worklight application

Common Controls

Introduction to UI frameworks

SQL/HTTP adapter integration

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IBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile enterprise application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications. Leveraging standards-based technologies and tools, the platform ships with a comprehensive development environment, mobile-optimized middleware, and an integrated management and analytics console, supported by a variety of security mechanisms.


 Knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 or any of the UI frameworks like dojo Mobile, Sencha or jQuery but not a mandate.

Attendees can optionally download the Worklight Developer Edition.

The Worklight Developer Edition is a self-contained, easy-to-install plugin for the Eclipse IDE packaged into a single Eclipse download without the need to install a database or application server.  This edition is free with no time restrictions for non-production environments.

IBM Worklight Developer Editions is available at:

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