Introduction to IBM Mobile Enterprise

Today, leaders across industries are building mobile enterprises to drive revenue and operational efficiencies. Marketers, technologists, supply chain managers and others are using a new class of integrated solutions to generate more value from mobile. They're using smarter analytics that learn from each interaction, refining as they go, to help predict not only what a customer is likely to buy, but precisely where and when and how they are most likely to buy it.

Guiding you from strategy to build and manage

IBM helps customers achieve critical business goals with a proven approach, a comprehensive set of capabilities and innovative technologies, and highly experienced personnel who understand how to best implement change.

IBM offers a full set of end-to-end mobile enterprise capabilities to build and connect your assets to enhance your mobile platform and application development, improve your systems to better manage and secure your mobile devices and connections, and extend and transform your customer relationships and internal processes.

We help empower your customers with the ability to begin a transaction at the moment of awareness. Now you can encourage customer-building interactions, helping to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. Deepen relationships with your customers with realtime, one-to-one interactions. Learn their most pressing needs from analytics and usage data, and create experiences that meet and exceed their expectations.

We can also help your workforce increase productivity through mobile apps that enhance collaboration, improve knowledge sharing, and speed responses. IBM can help your organization Improve these business processes by optimizing them with mobile capabilities and gain efficiency by extending existing business capabilities and applications to mobile workers, partners, and customers.

Events highlights

During this session we will introduce you to the world of Enterprise Mobility by showcasing a few examples of customers who are building mobile enterprises. Also we will present to you the benefits of becoming a mobile enterprise.

Becoming a mobile enterprise enables you to:

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