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Smarter systems for a smarter planet. Introducing the next generation Power Systems with POWER7.

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The new POWER7 systems deliver unprecedented workload optimised performance across transactional database, Web throughput and high speed analytics computing with leadership performance per core, system scalability and performance per watt. These new systems deliver up to four times the performance and four times the workload consolidation capacity of POWER6 systems – with comparable energy usage.

Power is effortlessly balancing workload performance with maximum consolidation

The new POWER7 systems automatically optimise performance and capacity at either a system or virtual machine level.

Power is operating at over 90% utilisation

POWER7 systems with PowerVM enable massive workload consolidation to drive maximum system utilisation, predictable performance, and cost efficiency, with up to 1000 virtual servers per physical server.

Power is management with automation

Smarter systems lower management and administration costs by combining advanced physical and virtual server platform management on a single console with the new IBM Systems Director Editions.

Power is resiliency without downtime

Smarter systems mean clients can dynamically respond to new business demands without having to bring applications down and deliver a roadmap to continuous availability.

Power is dynamic energy optimisation

IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager now optimises server energy efficiency by exploiting POWER7 EnergyScale™ technologies to dynamically balance energy utilisation with maximum performance.


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