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Systems and Technology for Financial Services

Delivering client value through world class infrastructure solution

IBM is committed to making a significant "Systems and Technology" contribution to the delivery of world class services via efficient, flexible, secure, cost effective and environmentally sympathetic IT infrastructures. IBM Systems are designed around the principles of consolidation, virtualisation, business resiliency, security and energy efficiency which make them uniquely placed to meet the evolving demands of the Financial Service Sector.

Find out below how we can help you to become more efficient, more resilient and reduce costs

Consolidation and Virtualisation

Leverage our virtualisation technologies to consolidate multiple servers and additional workloads onto fewer more powerful and efficient systems. A consolidated infrastructure can streamline the management of a computing environment whilst reducing maintenance and support costs.

Business Resiliency

Your IT infrastructure must be responsive and resilient to meet the expectations of citizens in today’s "Always open" culture. The design and management of an IT infrastructure, along with associated servers and storage is fundamental to delivering satisfying experience to citizens.


Clients across the world trust IBM to provide the services and solutions which help them to address their security and privacy needs. Our unrivalled security experience, knowledge and solutions address a wide spectrum of challenges.

Energy Efficiency

Faced with the issues over increasing power consumption and carbon emissions an energy efficient Data Centre is critical. IBM investment has developed a range of services and solutions which help organisations transform the way they do business in the new low carbon economy.

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