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Systems and Technology for Financial Services

Delivering client value through world class infrastructure solution

IBM is committed to making a significant "Systems and Technology" contribution to the delivery of world class services via efficient, flexible, secure, cost effective and environmentally sympathetic IT infrastructures. IBM Systems are designed around the principles of consolidation, virtualisation, business resiliency, security and energy efficiency which make them uniquely placed to meet the evolving demands of the Financial Service Sector.

IBM cost initatives


Zodiac is a server and storage study around data consolidation. The study is an effective way to help you plan infrastructure optimisation and IT consolidation. The resulting business case is for the whole estate of all suppliers platforms giving a complete view. It provides factual details on cost benefits to support your business case. The output also includes a comprehensive environmental analysis with a view to delivering lower heat emissions and power consumptions.


Grid computing gives clients a crucial competitive edge, but to own the technology can be costly in financial, personel and environmental terms, and inflexible over time. CoD can provide the capabilities you need to stay ahead:

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Increase the speed of your algorithmic trading and the complexity of input data while decreasing your computing costs.
Those applications that are computationally intensive are an obvious fit to take advantage of the raw number-crunching performance of the PowerXcell 8i technology in the new QS22 Blade.
Cell will help you to performs highly complex financial calculations with double-precision accuracy in a shorter time frame and achieves rapid and flexible scalability in a cost-effective way.
Cell enables the development of new applications quickly using standard libraries and development tools, including the IBM Software Development Kit for Multicore Acceleration. Its single-wide blade form factor provides extraordinary density – up to 6.4 TFLOPS in a single IBM BladeCenter. Cell helps to delivers scalable, flexible, power-efficient and economical acceleration solutions.

IBM space reduction initiatives


The SPACE programme will help you develop a strategy to evolve your storage environment to a cost effective storage resource. This helps optimise Return on Investment (RoI) and Quality of Service (QoS) and at the same time minimises Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and risk.


IBM iDataPlex is a new category of server designed to cram huge amounts of x86 processing power into the smallest space and power envelope. Its modular design means it will just keep on scaling. Financial services applications for risk management, complex asset valuation, Monte Carlo simulations, fraud detection and anti-money laundering are some of the long-running calculations that could benefit from the economical scale out of the iDataPlex.

IBM System x iDataPlex
IBM System x iDataPlex (US)
Put the heat on your competition—Not in your data center


XIV is a fully virtualised, grid based storage technology providing a single platform for all enterprise storage requirements. Scalable, automated, self provisioning, self healing block level storage delivers “consistent” performance, low management overhead. XIV delivers compelling TCO, heat and power case for T1 and T2 block level I/O

XIV - storage invented
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