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A new online user experience

There is a quiet revolution going on in customer online user experience - The luxury service of today, will increasingly be demanded by your customer tomorrow. Are you prepared?

IBM and Fabergé, the iconic jeweller, have created, an innovative online service that brings the unique qualities of a luxury brand to the web. IBM provided business consulting and creative design services to help Fabergé define a new interactive approach and develop technologies that support a selling model for high-value luxury goods on the internet.
The new Fabergé online experience places the internet at the heart of the business, making it the central resource for clients exploring and interacting with the jeweller. This approach is central to Fabergé's revitalised business model and global re-launch. Fabergé aims to redefine the conventional online shopping model by making it truly interactive and providing each client with a real life personal sales advisor. This level of human interaction is normally only found in a traditional high-end boutique and sets Fabergé apart from other luxury brands.
New technology developed by IBM allows the expert sales advisors, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide one-to-one advice and guidance in realtime by live conversation text, telephone or video consultation.

Fabergé’s CEO Mark Dunhill comments: “Other retailers have adapted to the way we are told the online shopping experience has to work. We wanted to turn this approach on its head by adapting the internet to meet our clients’ needs. When we started on this journey we realised we were setting IBM an enormous challenge. In fact we felt we might be asking them to do the impossible, however they achieved everything we wanted of them.”
“Being part of this project is the latest step in a long history of IBM innovation,” said Martin Guillaume, Partner, IBM Global Business Services. “Fabergé was looking for a company that had design and technology capabilities combined with smart thinking to ensure it created something that was innovative and would support the continued growth of the business.”

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