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IBM Contracts OnLine

IBM Contracts OnLine is all about saving you money and time on the speed of review and execution of contracts. Completely Web-based, it enables you to manage your contracts in a virtually paperless environment.

Encompassing the entire contracting life cycle management process, IBM Contracts OnLine is all about quick access to detailed information. In integrating Web, e-mail, electronic signature, watermark and document control, accuracy and timeliness are all but assured. One of the nicest features is that users are prompted to approve and sign contracts automatically.

In enabling better and easier management of costs and contract compliance via the Internet, IBM Contracts OnLine can allow you to:

  • View and execute contracts virtually anywhere, anytime and without additional investment
  • Manage the contract preparation, negotiation, and approval workflow process
  • Expedite search and retrieval of active contracts
  • Automatically notify users when there is a contract awaiting review, approval and signature
  • Provide execution history which enhances business audit, control and backup capabilities
  • Facilitate contract modifications

Through Contracts OnLine, it’s our intent to provide you, our valuable clients, with a more viable means to work with the information you need to do business.

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Easy ways to get the answers you need

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