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Migrating from Windows XP

Migrating from Windows XP. Early planning is essential.

Windows 7 is the fastest-selling operating system (OS) that Microsoft® has ever released. Windows XP, however, still has a major foothold in the corporate PC marketplace, but the advent and widespread adoption of Windows 7 may mean that support for Windows XP from independent software vendors (ISVs) will begin to decline. In addition, Windows 7 does have a number of compelling new features and enhancements (e.g. security) that are of benefit to a CIO.

Why you should be thinking of migrating

Analysts have recommended that organisations consider having migrated from Windows XP by the end of 2012, by when new versions of many existing applications will no longer support XP, and independent software vendors (ISVs) will increasingly withdraw XP from their portfolio of supported operating systems. It is generally accepted that a typical OS migration project will take between twelve and eighteen months, yet many IT departments have not managed a major client OS refresh in over six years, creating a real problem in terms of skills and experience. Doing nothing is not an option.

How IBM can help you

IBM provides services which can assist you to determine the best way forward and subsequently to help you formulate, plan and execute your chosen strategy. Whilst the default approach may very well be to upgrade your traditional desktop clients to Windows 7 and refresh the hardware, where needed, many of our clients also use this opportunity to consider alternatives, for example, making use of virtualisation or ‘Desktop Cloud’ solutions to replace or supplement existing desktop services. Another alternative would be to deploy thin client hardware where appropriate, as this could save significant cost relative to refreshing all desktop software across the entire hardware estate. Other clients are also contemplating more radical approaches, such as reprovisioning the desktop estate on a different platform.

IBM can help you understand what all your options are, help you decide on the strategy that is right for you, and help you define the next steps needed. We have services that can deploy enterprise wide hardware and software refreshes, cloud computing solutions etc so we can truly help you consider all your options. Complete the questionnaire which we can use as the basis for further discussions.

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