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Learning Solutions for Public Sector

Learning Solutions for Public Sector.

IBM has the experience of designing, developing and deploying learning programmes for both central and local government clients. We have been recognised by the learning industry as a leader in the field. Our learning development teams have won a Brandon Hall and Chief learning officer magazine awards for projects performed in partnership with our clients.

Overview of IBM Learning Development
Our team is experienced in designing, developing and deploying learning programmes for all audiences, subjects and delivery methods using standards based tools and industry best practices.

Content Design and Development
IBM has dedicated learning specialists, led by experienced learning project managers, familiar with projects of all sizes and complexities. Our project managers and instructional designers work in close partnership with clients to develop a learning project plan, and high level design that addresses business, technical and audience requirements. Content development is typically performed by a mixed team of IBM and client resources working in close collaboration, under the direction of a project manager working directly with the client.

Assessment and Certification
Our assessment and certification development specialists are able to develop anything from an informal quiz to a formal, scored and time based assessment, with full reporting capabilities using standards based tools. Assessments may be integrated in to e-Learning solutions or stand in isolation. Data from assessments may automatically transmitted to HR employee records and Learning Management Systems.

Translation & Localisation
Our translation and localisation specialists will adapt content and learning programmes for international audiences, using translation memories to aid future maintenance and re-use of developed learning materials. Translation to all major European and Asian languages is available, including the provision of professional voice talent in local language.

Standards based tools
Our learning development specialists are familiar with all major industry tools for learning content development. In addition IBM offers its own standards based tools including; IBM Cloud Author, a collaborative shared development environment for self-paced 2D eLearning; IBM Simulation Producer, a simulation capture tool that exports standalone simulations in 'Show Me', 'Guide Me' and 'Let Me' modes of operation and IBM Class Author - our solution for best of breed instructor led face-to-face and instructor led online content development.

Content Hosting
For clients who prefer not to host content themselves, IBM is able to offer content hosting services for eLearning packages, whether they be developed by our in-house content development teams, the client or third parties.


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