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Consumer Products

Smart consumer products companies use the power of cloud computing to respond more quickly, improve service delivery, reduce costs and drive business innovation.

Consumer Products Features

Smarter consumer products marketing (PDF, 831KB)

Understanding consumers, building brands.

Anticipating Demand Signals (PDF, 782KB)

Amid a host of changes in this industry, the goal of growing ever closer to the consumer remains constant.

Sun World International (US)

How Sun World International harvested insights to maximize profitability and meet customer demand.

Demand Signal Repository for Consumer Products (PDF, 282KB)

Create breakaway, demand-driven insight.

Case Studies (US)

Consumer Products

ConAgra Mills and IBM

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Smarter Commerce and the value chain

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  • Smarter Food

    Technology is shaping how it grows, how it tastes and how it gets to your plate.

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Smarter Commerce

Find out how you can better anticipate problems and respond faster to opportunities.

Smarter Products

The goods we use are getting smarter. Now manufacturing has to as well.

Smarter Analytics for Consumer Products

Find out why Consumer Products executives need information and analytical tools to better manage their business in the face of ever increasing complexity.

IBM SmartCloud Virtualised Server Recovery

Improved server recovery reliability and shorter recovery time.