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Chemicals and Petroleum

IBM applies a unique, multi disciplinary combination of industry-specific knowledge, modelling, analytics, visualization, computational sciences and high-performance computing expertise to help reduce exploration risk and cost through reservoir modelling, seismic data processing, and advanced rendering and visualization.

Chemicals and Petroleum Features

Meeting the growing demands for energy in the coming decades (US)

Discover more about what companies need to implement to be prepared for 2030.

Energy Excellence (PDF, 697KB)

Maximizing returns in the oil and gas industry.

The state of smarter oil and gas (PDF, 836KB)

Smarter Industries Symposium, Barcelona, November 2010.

Chemicals and Petroleum Industry Solutions (US)

Learn about IBM software solutions for this industry.

Case Studies (US)

Chemicals and petroleum



Seismic Imaging and Safe Oil Exploration

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How to become a Smarter Oil & Petroleum Company

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IBM deeply understands the issues petroleum companies face and has the industry expertise, technology know-how and depth of experience to help.

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Financing a Smarter Planet

Total financing for next generation innovation.

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