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Energy and Utilities

Today's networks are evolving into smart grids: Intelligent infrastructures able to integrate new clean energy sources, provide higher security for electricity flow, and optimise energy efficiency to reduce costs and environmental impact.

Energy and Utilities Features

Knowledge is power (US)

Driving smarter energy usage through consumer education.

Smart Energy

A need for smart energy demand and supply.

Transforming the energy value chain (PDF, 799KB)

Taking a smarter approach to the way we produce, distribute, and consume energy.

Energy Meters

A visualization of the data from eMeter's readings for an average home for one year.

Case Studies (US)

Energy and Utilities

  • Nuclear (PDF, 317KB)

    How can nuclear power help meet the demand for fast, sustained, secure and optimised low-carbon energy production, in a market suffering fierce competition for resources, people and plant?

  • Smart Meters (PDF, 304KB)

    Find out how Smart meters could change the way energy is supplied and consumed in the UK, but suppliers and consumers will need to change as well.

  • Water (PDF, 277KB)

    Learn how a smarter, more integrated response could be the best possible solution to the challenges the UK Water Industry is facing.

  • Cloud Computing

    Learn how Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology.

Powering the City

Play video

Efficient Grid Models for a Smarter Planet

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This video shows what we are doing by using the flexible grid technology with electricity systems and more.

  • Wind Renewables (PDF, 316KB)

    Britain is committed to expanding its renewable electricity generation capacity, with particular focus on wind. But getting to scale means tackling significant challenges.

  • Smart Grid (PDF, 332KB)

    Learn how through the establishment of a smart grid, will better balance and moderate the end-to-end energy system.

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Smarter Water

Whether too much or not enough, the world needs a smarter way to think about water.


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