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IBM is a world leader in the retail industry. Hundreds of retailers around the world are implementing solutions with the IBM Retail Industry Framework. IBM can help you get on the path to greater flexibility and agility, whether you’re just starting out, looking to optimize your existing infrastructure or somewhere in between.

Retail Features

The Quest for Customer Connection (PDF, 595KB)

How retailers can face down the new competition by forging closer ties to the customer.

Winning over the empowered consumer (US)

Why trust matters.

How Start Today’s Zozotown got smarter (PDF, 914KB)

Find out how Zozotown has been turned into Japan’s largest and fastest growing fashion site.

The value of smarter retailing (PDF, 168KB)

Integrating a customer-centric model for targeted customer demand.

Case Studies (US)



  • Cloud Computing

    Learn how Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology.

The Future of the Shopping Experience

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Online Shopping is Modern Retail

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Today, retail is shaped by the digital retail marketplace. User reviews and interaction on social networking sites are having an increased effect on purchasing decisions and the modern shopping experience in general.

  • 2020: Reinventing retailing once again (PDF, 703KB)

    This paper offers a glimpse into what retailing will look like in 2020 and outlines the implications for retailers today. It is a joint project between IBM and New York University Stern School of Business.

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Simon Brooks
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The value of a smarter shopping experience

Exploring the benefits of creating differentiated customer relationships.

Smarter Commerce

Find out how you can better anticipate problems and respond faster to opportunities.

Over 1,700 face-to-face interviews with CMOs!

Find out what's on the minds of today's Chief Marketing Officers.

IBM Virtual Briefing Centre

Discover new solutions to your industry challenges. Explore Smarter Retail US.