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The pressure on governments to make better choices, deliver results and demonstrate accountability is intensifying. IBM can provide new insights to help government organisations to make better decisions, optimize ways of working, measure progress, impact and performance and capitalize on new opportunities.

Government Features

The power of analytics for public sector (US)

Building analytics competency to accelerate outcomes.

How much does your desktop cost the UK public?

Every desktop in the UK public sector could hold the key to millions in savings.

Opening up government (US)

How to unleash the power of information for new economic growth.

Innovation in the back office for public sector agencies (PDF, 2.17MB)

Future trends for ERP managed services.

Case Studies

Find out how IBM helped Defra (PDF, 604KB)

Defra cuts costs and gains flexibility
Improving service levels with IBM

Our Partners (link resides outside of

SCC, Europe’s largest independent IT Group, is working with IBM to help improve citizen services by creating a Secure Multi-Tenancy Cloud (SMTC) for CloudStore, part of the UK Government's G-Cloud programme. The UK-hosted cloud platform, created and managed by SCC, aims to deliver a diverse set of low cost business and technical services, ranging from back office processes to specialist government services, with high levels of security for public sector organisations. Find out more about SCC (link resides outside of

Defence and Security

IBM Security

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Find out how IBM finds data vulnerabilities and prevents them.

IBM Smart Cloud

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IBM in the UK & Ireland - what we do


CloudStore: IT Evolution or Revolution? Watch the Webinar (link resides outside of and view the handout (PDF, 771KB)

Smarter Buildings: Using data to drive optimised building performance. Find out more (PDF, 1.25MB)

  • The Modern city

    Cities are complex, noisy, congested and bursting at the seams, yet people continue to choose to live and work in them. We need our cities to thrive in order to secure all of our futures. Where should we start?

  • Cyber Security - Protecting the Public Sector

    Cyber threats represent a real and significant danger to the UK, its citizens, businesses and its overall economy. It is essential that we maintain confidence in services that are critical to economic well-being and sustain everyday life. Tackling cyber security is challenging and the threat is rapidly evolving and expanding.

    Cyber security is more than any one individual step; it is a process: Learn. Monitor. Analyse. Decide. Respond. These five steps could be vital to cyber security in the UK public sector.

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Sustainability on a smarter planet

To be sustainable, organisations must embrace a new objective.

Key trends driving global business resilience and risk

Findings from the 2011 IBM Global Business Resilience and Risk Study


Key Issues Affecting the Provision of Logistics Support to the UK Armed Forces


A Service Oriented Approach to NEC

The Path to Doing Better Things: A Service Oriented Approach to Supporting Future Operations


IBM Business Continuity Index (link resides outside of

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